What Is Motion Control?

We live in a physical world. Whenever we need an object on the right time at the right place, we need motion control. Motion control is the control of position, speed and acceleration. As real objects are involved motion control requires precision and reliability more than most other disciplines.

The Power of Motion Control

When digital information can be transformed into precise physical motion, previously infeasible use cases suddenly become possible, driving the 4th Industrial Revolution further: Advanced robotics, Internet of Things, (battery-powered) medical devices, additive manufacturing, prosthetics, and IIoT, to name just a few. Nevertheless, efficiently turning digital information into physical motion requires more than just transferring data into movement.

Silent. Smart.

The most advanced and most silent 3D printer manufacturers rely on Trinamic's superior current control.

Precise. Reliable.

Automation needs repeatable and dependable positioning. Trinamic's motion control technology is synonymous with high quality output since decades.

Efficient. Responsive.

Dynamic motors have the highest requirements to fast current control. Trinamic's dedicated servo controllers make high-end current control as easy as 1-2-3.

Smooth. Dependable.

When a motor becomes part of the human body, it has to be as smooth and dependable as a muscle. Trinamic's technology helps to reduce inequalities.

Flexible. Durable.

Automated intra-logistics and robotics require durable and reliable motion and motor control. Trinamic's components and solutions embody decades of experience and have a proven track record of reliability.

The Motion Control Specialist

Trinamic is proud of their unique culture that unites precision German engineering, the pursuit of perfection, and a hands-on, real-world approach to technology and physical motion. Their long history has taught them how to blend proprietary software and hardware components to optimize performance, drive miniaturization, and turn key motor characteristics into competitive advantages for your devices.

Amplify Your Product With Trinamic Technologies

Micro Stepping

The higher the micro-step resolution, the smoother the motor, greatly reducing resonance and distortion.

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Ramp Generation

No beer gets spilled! Trinamic's advanced motion controllers support S-shaped acceleration ramps for super smooth motion.

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Trinamic products offer a variety of unique features to improve accuracy and smoothness of motor operation, driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. Enjoy leading-edge features for your application to get a head start.



The World’s Most Advanced Motion Control As Easy As 1-2-3

5000+ customers worldwide already enjoy the world’s most powerful motion and motor control technology, ranging from market leaders and accelerators of innovation to startups and universities. With Trinamic's easy to use building blocks, any engineer without motion control experience can easily optimize designs and results to become the market leader.

Trinamic System Architecture

The Trinamic Motion Control Architecture consists of several functional building blocks. The motor controller or motion controller receives commands over a selected interface, in a defined protocol. The commands are translated into signals for the motor control and driver part. For ease of integration into the application's firmware, the code can be exported in Trinamic's own format or as C+.


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