What is Motion Control?

We live in a physical world. Whenever we need an object on the right time at the right place, we need motion control. Motion control is the control of position, speed and acceleration. As real objects are involved motion control requires precision and reliability more than most other disciplines.

The Power of Motion Control

Silent Stepper Motors.

The most advanced and most silent 3D printer manufacturers rely on Trinamic's superior current control.

Precise, Reliable.

Automation needs repeatable and dependable positioning. Trinamic's motion control technology is synonymous with high quality output since decades.

Efficient and Responsive.

Dynamic motors have the highest requirements to fast current control. Trinamic's dedicated servo controllers make high-end current control as easy as 1-2-3...

Smooth, Dependable.

When a motor becomes part of the human body, it has to be as smooth and dependable as a muscle. Trinamic's technology helps to reduce inequalities.

Reliable, Durable.

Automated intra-logistics and robotics require durable and reliable motion and motor control. Trinamic's components and solutions embody decades of experience and have a proven track record of reliability.

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Small motors are ubiquitous!

Motors are everywhere, and so are applications for motion control. The challenge is to find the right solution for specific requirements. Trinamic products are used in a wide range of applications.

Trinamic - The Motion Control Specialist

Trinamic’s ICs and microsystems connect the digital and physical worlds by embodying decades of engineering experience in to every one of our products. Innovation leading companies from all over the world rely on Trinamic products, systems, and support.

Amplify your product with Trinamic technologies

Micro Stepping

The higher the micro-step resolution, the smoother the motor, greatly reducing resonance and distortion.

Ramp Generation

No beer gets spilled! Trinamic's advanced motion controllers support S-shaped acceleration ramps for super smooth motion.

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At Trinamic everything is in Motion.

Our highly specialized employees are enthusiasts with a special dedication to Motion Control. So we are not only working on this topic at the Lab, but also in our spare time. We are Engineers, Computer Scientists and Physicist and our expertise is driving the whole industry.


Craftworks the Landungsbrücke eval kits


Founder and CEO, transforms digital into physical.


Tinkering with his CNC machine


Makes motors spin... really fast.


Creates software to make robots move.


Makes 3D printers work more silent.


Test drives Trinamic's cargo E-Bike

It has a Motor? Choose Trinamic

At Trinamic, we believe that motion control should be precise and dependable, motors should work efficient, smooth, and noiseless. Our products enable the new breed of software-centric engineers to realize leading edge solutions, reliable and fast - because we supply an API which makes it easy for them to access our technology.

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Motion control always includes hardware and software. With our evaluation kits, software packages, application notes and how-to videos we offer a fully equipped toolbox. Get instantly started creating great designs.


Whatever your application is, start your design easily using the Landungsbrücke Evaluation Kits. The flexible layout enables testing of several different chips with almost the same basic setup.


To bring our motion control hardware to life, we offer a rich tool set of software. Start easy using the TMCL-IDE or create powerful embedded code based on the TMC-API.

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Need to move something?

Trinamic is the go-to partner for everything that needs to be positioned precisely. Whenever a small motor is involved, Trinamic makes it turn.