Interfaces and Protocols

A motor drive system consists of several functional building blocks. The motion controller receives commands over a selected interface, in a defined protocol. The commands are translated into signals for the motor control and driver part. For this transformation of digital information into perfect physical motion, Trinamic products cover a wide range of interfaces and protocols.

Speak the Language

The system's communications determine the structure, behavior, and performance. It can have a tremendous impact on the system's ultimate performance for motor drive applications, so it's important to select the right interface. Ranging from ICs to modules and PANdrive smart motors, Trinamic products cover a wide range of communication interfaces for easy integration into your system.

Board-Level Communication

Using standard interfaces and protocols, Trinamic's board-level solutions offer the complete package for a quick and easy solution. Thanks to Trinamic's building block approach to motion control, engineers can raise the abstraction level and develop industry-leading applications. By combining embedded motor and motion control with common interfaces and protocols, Trinamic allows engineers to focus on their core expertise and reduce development time with plug-and-play building blocks

Chip-Level Communication

Ranging from simple bus interfaces to logic-level signals, Trinamic's integrated circuits combine best-in-class performance with various chip-level communications. Whether you're looking for a simple design with step/direction interface or building a highly demanding industrial application with synchronous serial interface (SSI), Trinamic makes sure you can combine it with the best motor and motion control solution, making power technology as easy as 1-2-3.

Trinamic Interface Adapters

Trinamic's USB-2-485 device is a low-cost interface converter providing a simple-to-use RS485 interface to a PC with USB port. It can be used with any product offering RS485 interface without needing special software.


The USB-2-RTMI adapter converts Real-Time Monitoring Interface (RTMI) to normal USB interface. Ideal for monitoring a TMC4671-product, the interface can be used with other products offering RTMI as well. Connection cables are included for the USB bus-powered interface adapter with basic ESD protection.


Translating TMCL-IDE commands into Step/Direction pulses, this interface adapter allows quick evaluation of Trinamic's Breakout Boards as well as flexible acceleration profiles. The simple but powerful Step/Dir signal generator can be controlled via TMCL protocol and commands, and is fully supported by the TMCL-IDE graphical user interface.