Design with the Flow

The Trinamic Design Flow describes attunement of all products together with evaluation and software tools. Its aim is a seamless access to all product features for different kinds of applications in an ergonomic manner.

Trinamic Design Flow

The core of our products is well-designed ICs with unique features. They are part of all our modules and system-level products and supported by our software in every aspect.

The software is the key bringing hardware to life. Technological development leads to increasingly complex hardware. High-quality software and tools are necessary to manage complexity and usability. Our goal is to create a rich toolset that allows our customers to create high-quality applications with minimum effort.

We offer evaluation kits for all our products to start development out-of-the-box. Just connect motors and a computer, start the TMCL-IDE and with a few mouse clicks the motor is running. Evaluation of product features is now possible without a single line of code.

To control the evaluation kit via your application software, you can send easy-to-understand commands over common standard interfaces like USB. The command set is called Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL™). As the name suggests, it’s not just a communication protocol, but also a kind of script language to create stand-alone applications.

After a successful evaluation, it’s time to start your own development project. We offer the choice between different levels of development complexity. What kind of solution is best for you depends on your application requirements and preferences.

To use our ICs you have to create your own hardware. Schematics, layout, and firmware of our evaluation kits are freely available. Your hardware designer can use them to create a highly customized board with customized firmware. Usually, this process takes several months and requires advanced hardware and software skills.

Our Modules are ready-to-use embedded systems, available with different features and different levels of output power. If you can find a module that fulfills all your application requirements, you can finish your development project within weeks. If you require a custom hardware interface or a more complex firmware, you will eventually need a few months to finish the project. Basic hardware and average software skills are required.

Our PANdrives are motors with embedded electronics. Mount them to your application, connect a field bus and your software designer is ready to get started. If software complexity is low, a few days of development are enough to finish your project.