StealthChop™ is a voltage chopper-based principle. It guarantees absolutely quiet motors when in standstill or slow motion, except for ball bearing noise. Unlike other voltage-mode choppers, StealthChop2™ doesn't require configuration. It automatically learns the best settings during first motion following power up and further optimizes settings in subsequent motions. An initial homing sequence is sufficient for this learning process.

StealthChop™ delivers exceptionally quiet stepper motor performance. Motors operating at low speeds exhibit a phenomenon known as magnetostriction, which causes audible high-pitch noise.

Based on the current feedback, the chip regulates voltage modulation to minimize current fluctuation. StealthChop™ applications have achieved noise levels of 10 dB and more below classical current control.

stealthchop noise meter

Shhh! Trinamic Motor Drivers at Work


Trinamic has improved voltage mode operation and combined it with current control. This allows the system to self-adjust to motor and operating voltage. Motor drivers equipped with StealthChop™ combine optimal power consumption with current waveforms that closely replicate analog waveforms at no additional cost.

The result is whisper quiet motion for applications like 3D printing, desktop manufacturing and personal medical devices where audible noise is unacceptable.

Especially Applications, that operate close to their user benefit from quiet motor control.

SpreadCycle™ & StealthChop™ technology

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