The sensOstep™ encoder combines a hall sensor system with stepper motor. On the motor's rear shaft, there is a magnet, and on the PANdrive™ electronic board, the hall sensor IC provides absolute position value.



SensOstep provides a cost-effective solution for detecting step losses. The technology is based on magnet that is applied to modified stepper motor axis end and hall sensor ICs with integrated signal processing.

The necessary sensor resolution used for a pure step-loss detection is comparatively low (e.g. 1/16 of the stepper motor resolution). This reduces the cost and required accuracy or adjustment during assembly.

With compatible stepper motors, the magnet is mounted with a bolt spacer to the rear end of the motor axis. The hall sensor ICs use a serial interface such as SSI or BiSS. In contrast to conventional incremental encoder interfaces (e.g. A/B/N), these serial interfaces allow direct connection to available microprocessors, which further reduces the effort required to integrate sensOstep into existing products.