DcStep closes the gap between fully featured closed-loop Stepper Motor Drives and cost-efficient Open-Loop Systems.

While most open-loop stepper drives will lose steps in an overload situation, DcStep™ drives will reduce speed in order to overcome resistance. As a result, DcStep™ uniquely maintains position counter integrity.

With DcStep™, a stepper motor will act similarly to a DC motor in terms of energy efficiency. DcStep™ also allows for auto ramping and turning the motor as fast as possible in actual load situations.

dcstep ramping

DcStep™ addresses the stepper motor drives' needs to maintain positional self-awareness and step count, without costly feedback circuitry.

Without feedback circuits, operating margins must be restricted so that motor torque and velocity are maintained within acceptable levels.

The DcStep™ technology provides extra torque to match sudden increases in load resistance while preserving step count. This significantly reduces previously required stepper motor control system safety margins to increase system or reduce motor size.

dcstep torque

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