Our products transform digital information into physical motion and vice versa. Trinamic's unique technologies enable customers to reduce time-to-market, while improving efficiency and precision.

What is Motion Control?


Motion control is the part of automation that handles moving parts of machines in a deliberate and controlled manner. The primary components of a motion control system are the motion controller and the energy amplifier or driver. Motion control is either open- or closed-loop. In open-loop systems, the motion controller sends commands to the amplifier without knowing if the desired motion was achieved. Closed-loop systems include feedback from the actuator to compensate for errors.

Every application is different. To achieve the best solution, different kinds of system architectures are available. The Trinamic Motion Control Architecture enables engineers to fit their solution perfectly to their requirements. They can build up a system from scratch, based on ICs and motors, or choose system-level components like modules or ready-to-run PAN drives.

Trinamic provides common motion control technologies like ramp-generation, microstepping or closed-loop operation with unique features that improve accuracy and smoothness of operation.