TMC332 is obsolete and not recommended for new designs.


The TMC332 is a high precision micro step sequencer with integrated PWM units. New smoothMod™ technology: equidistant µsteps, positioning on µsteps possible. Internal µstep counters with programmable step width make the handling of the physical units comfortable. The TMC428 step direction interface of the TMC332 is directly compatible to the driver chain interface of the TMC428 motion controller. The other step direction interface is a classical two wire step direction interface. Parameterizing of the TMC332 takes place over a common SPI micro controller interface.


The integrated sine wave look up table can output either 2 sine waves with a phase shift of 90° for 2-phase stepper motors or 3 sine waves with +/- 120° phase shift for 3-phase motors.

The gate control block of the TMC332 provides the gate control signals for the power stage half bridges, including programmable break before make timing and over current protection. Incremental encoders (ABN) to evaluate the physical motor position can be connected to the TMC332. The TMC332 also contains a current measurement unit and a current regulator, requiring only a few inexpensive external components. Switching to fullstep and the chopSync™ feature allow high velocity operation.

Technical Details

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