Old Products

Old products that are not recommended for new designs (nrnd), on-demand available or obsolete. Nrnd products will be further available, for new designs please refer to follow up products. On-demand products are available on request for long-term support of existing customer designs.

Nrnd Modules

On-Demand ICs

Follow up product
TMC454 on demand TMC457-BC

On-Demand Eval-Kits

Follow up product
TMC262-EVAL on demand

Obsolete ICs

Obsolete Eval-Kits

Obsolete Modules

Follow up product
BB-160 obsolete
BB-611-1 obsolete
BB-611-2 obsolete
CANnes obsolete
MONOpack obsolete MONOpack 2 V2
MONOpack LT obsolete MONOpack 2 V2
PCI2Motion obsolete
QUADpack obsolete
SIXpack obsolete
SIXpack 2 obsolete
TMCM-023 obsolete
TMCM-078 obsolete
TMCM-090 obsolete
TMCM-100 obsolete
TMCM-101 obsolete
TMCM-103 obsolete
TMCM-1613 obsolete
TMCM-1613-REC obsolete
TMCM-163-42 obsolete
TMCM-170 obsolete
TMCM-171 obsolete
TMCM-323 obsolete
TMCM-342 obsolete
USB-2-X obsolete