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The TMCM-610/SG is a six axis 2-phase stepper motor controller and driver module. It provides a complete single board motion control solution at low cost. Using the integrated additional I/Os it even can do complete system control applications. The motors and switches can be connected easily with screw terminals. The connection of the multi purpose I/Os can be done via a dual-in-line pin connector. The TMCM-610/SG comes with the PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE. Using predefined TMCL™ (Trinamic Motion Control Language) high level commands like "move to position" or "constant rotation" rapid and fast development of motion control applications is guaranteed. The TMCM-610/SG can be controlled via the USB or RS-232 interface. Communication traffic is kept very low since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed on board. A user TMCL™ program can be stored in the on board EEPROM for stand-alone operation. The firmware of the module can be updated via the serial interface. With the stallGuard™ feature it is possible to detect overload and stall of the motor.

Special Features

  • stallGuard™

Technical Details

Motor Supply7…34V
Phase Current, Peak1.6A
RS232 yes
USB yes



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