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The TMCM-171 is a controller / driver module for high performance servo drives based on brushless DC motors. It combines the high resolution of a stepper motor coupled with the high dynamic, high velocity and high reliability of a BLDC drive. The motor and switches can be connected easily with pluggable screw terminals. A build-in ramp generator allows parameterized smooth positioning. The TMCM-171 supports BLDC motors with nearly any number of poles and incremental encoders with nearly any resolution.The TMCM-171 integrates a velocity regulator, a position regulator and a ramp generator. The module can be controlled remotely via CAN or RS-485 interface. Additionally, the TMCM-171 is equipped with a step direction interface. Stand alone operation (either via TMCL program or via analog control) is also possible.

Technical Details

Motor Supply12…48V
Phase Current, Peak28.0A
CAN yes
RS485 yes
Step / Direction yes



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Firmware V1.08 hex100 KBDec 6, 2016 2:39 PM
Firmware V1.12 hex100 KBDec 6, 2016 2:39 PM