Discontinued Products

TMC-401 is obsolete and not recommended for new designs.


The TMC-401 converts step/direction signals into SPI datagrams that can be used to drive a TMC236, TMC239, TMC246 or TMC249 stepper motor driver chip directly. It provides five different microstep resolutions (from 1/32 to 1/2) as well as two full step resolution modes. The stallGuard™ bits of a TMC246 or TMC249 motor driver are output on three pins, in order to allow an easy usage of the StallGuard feature. Also the overtemperature pre-warning bit is output on one extra pin (and can be used to shut off the driver when there is an overtemperature pre-warning condition). The TMC401 also provides a feature that reduces the motor current to 25% when there have not been any step pulses for at least one second. This features can be enabled or disabled. Mixed Decay can also be enabled or disabled using a dedicated pin.

Technical Details

SPI yes
Step / Direction yes



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