Discontinued Products

PD-170-57-E is obsolete and not recommended for new designs.


The PD-170-57-E is a full mechatronic solution including a 57mm brushless DC motor. It combines a convenient servo controller electronic (TMCM-170) and an optical encoder with a range of different motor types. The PD-170-57-E offers two motor torque options and can be controlled via RS232, RS485 and/or CAN interface. The power supply is connected via screw connectors and the interface and the multi-purpose I/Os can be connected via high density JST connectors. This PANdrive combines the high resolution commonly known from stepper motors with the high dynamic, high velocity and high reliability of a BLDC drive. It integrates a position regulator and a ramp generator. The integrated ramp generator provides for parameterized smooth positioning and supports an external switch as an absolute position reference.

Technical Details

Motor Supply12…48V12…48V
CAN yes yes
RS232 yes yes
RS485 yes yes



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