Discontinued Products

MONOpack is obsolete and not recommended for new designs. For new Designs please refer to MONOpack 2 V2.


MONOpack offers a flexible and easy to use solution to drive and control standard 2-phase stepper motors with up to 2500mA (peak) coil current. It directly supports two and three channel incremental encoders for automatic position checking / retry correction, giving a very reliable motion controller. Optional microstep position stablization is possible. This product is based on the high performance TRINAMIC 0,25 million transistor stepper motor controller chip TMC453, which implements all performance- and real time critical functions in reliable hardware. It allows a very wide stepping frequency range and fast positioning using S-shaped ramps. Configuration data is stored on an on board EEPROM.

Technical Details

Motor Supply7…40V
Phase Current, Peak2.5A
a/b/n incremental yes
CAN yes
RS485 yes
Step / Direction yes



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