Discontinued Products

CANnes is obsolete and not recommended for new designs.


The CANnes card is a PCI card which provides a simple, easy to use CAN interface. It is equipped with a male and a female 9 pin Sub-D connector with standard CAN pin assignments. CAN bit rates between 10 and 1000 kBit/s (1MBit/s) are possible. The industry standard CAN controller SJA1000 is used together with the CAN bus driver 82C250 and optical isolation between the CAN controller and the CAN bus driver. A 120 ohms termination resistor is also provided. This resistor can be switched on and off either by a software controlled relay. Device drivers and function libraries are provided for the Windows (98/ME/2000 and NT4) operating systems and also for the Linux operating system. The CANnes cards is CE-approved and also meets FCC specifications. It can be used with every PC which is equipped with PCI slots fulfilling at least the PCI 2.1 standard.

Technical Details

CAN yes
PCI yes



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