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Trinamics TRAMS 3D Printer Shield is designed to improve the performance and acoustics of standard fdm printers like the popular Prusa I3. It supports 4 stepper motors, a heatbed, one extruder and one regulated fan.

With the integrated ramp controllers of TMC5130 TRAMS allows for higher microstep resolutions, higher speed and less noise with the standard Arduino 8-Bit MCU.

TRAMS works together with one Arduino Mega and a modified Marlin firmware, so it can be used with standard G-Code senders as repetier host.

Please find the corresponding GitHub repository here: https://github.com/trinamic/trams

Special Features

  • programmable microstep table
  • microPlyer™
  • coolStep™
  • passive breaking
  • spreadCycle™
  • stallGuard2™
  • stealthChop™

Technical Details

Motor Supply12…24V
Phase Current, RMS1.4A
SPI yes
programmable microstep table yes
microPlyer™ yes
coolStep™ yes
passive breaking yes
spreadCycle™ yes
stallGuard2™ yes
stealthChop™ yes



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