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The TMC2100 is TRINAMICs most autonomous driver IC. This small and intelligent standalone driver for two phase stepper motors offers market-leading features while being configured by seven pins only. CPU interaction is not required. Drive the motor via Step and Direction signals. TRINAMICs sophisticated stealthChop chopper ensures noiseless operation combined with efficiency and best motor torque. Integrated power MOSFETs handle motor currents up to 1.2A RMS continuously or 2.5A short time peak current per coil. For saving energy, the TMC2100 provides standstill current reduction. Protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. The TMC2100 enables miniaturized designs with low external component count for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions.

Special Features

  • microPlyer™
  • spreadCycle™
  • stealthChop™

Technical Details

Motor Supply4.75…46V
Phase Current, RMS1.2A
Step / Direction yes
microPlyer™ yes
spreadCycle™ yes
stealthChop™ yes



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