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The SilentStepStick is a stepper driver board for 2-phase motors, based on TMC2100, TMC2130, or TMC2208. The driver boards are compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988.

Special Features

  • microPlyer™
  • spreadCycle™
  • stealthChop™
  • programmable microstep table
  • coolStep™
  • passive breaking
  • stallGuard2™

Technical Details

SilentStepStick TMC2100 (5V)
SilentStepStick TMC2100 (3-5V)
SilentStepStick TMC2130
SilentStepStick TMC2208
Motor Supply4.75…46V5.5…46V5.5…46V5.5…36V
Phase Current, RMS1.2A1.2A1.2A1.2A
Step / Direction yes yes yes yes
SPI yes
UART yes
microPlyer™ yes yes yes yes
programmable microstep table yes
spreadCycle™ yes yes yes yes
stealthChop™ yes yes yes yes
coolStep™ yes
passive breaking yes
stallGuard2™ yes