Evaluation Kits

The baseboard BB-1630 allows to build a ready to use BLDC motor driver unit using the TMCM-1630 driver module. It integrates velocity and torque (via current) control as well as a hall sensor based positioning mode. The position resolution depends on the motor, i.e. a standard 8 pole motor gives a motor axis resolution of 15 degrees. The module can be used in stand alone operation or it can be remotely controlled via RS232, CAN, RS485 or USB (depending on the used module). All important signals and the power supply lines can be connected easily. For motor, power supply and hall sensors screw terminals are available and for the host interface dedicated connectors. The baseboard has two potentiometers to adjust torque and velocity. An incremental encoder can be attached at an 10-pin header connector.

Technical Details

Motor Supply12…55V
a/b/n incremental yes
CAN yes
RS232 yes
RS485 yes
USB yes



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