Modular Evaluation System

Get started with your design with the Landungsbrücke Evaluation Kit and choose from a variety of motor and motion control evaluation boards.

The Most Advanced Motion Control Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Whatever your application, start your design easily using Trinamic's toolkits which shorten design cycles and improve product experience. Each EVAL KIT gives you direct access to all registers using Trinamic's own software, allowing you to develop your own firmware.

Start with the Landungsbrücke

Depending on the kit of your choice, the Landungsbrücke or Startrampe interface board forms the bridge between your PC and Trinamic's powerful ICs.

Connect the Evaluation Board

Connect the preferred evaluation board with the interface board using the Eselsbrücke connector board. You can even link a few evaluation boards together!

Discover Powerful Technologies

Explore the full potential of Trinamic's solutions using the free TMCL-IDE software. This GUI allows for easy programming and features ready-to-use code libraries.

Free Samples for COVID-19 Support

We want to help you design medical ventilators or lab automation equipment to fight COVID-19. Apply now for a free sample if you need state of the art motion control for your application. Selected projects will receive a free sample and increased support, so be sure to mention any info you can regarding your project.

Apply for a Free Sample

Open-Source Hardware Designs


All Trinamic evaluation boards and breakout boards are proven, open-source designs, including the interface board. Simply download files for a quick design-in and your prototype will be ready in no-time. Embedding Trinamic reference design in commercial products does not require you to disclose or open-source your own design.

Free Graphical User Interface


Trinamic's free and easy to use graphical user interface is perfect for developing stand-alone TMCL™ applications. The flexible integrated development environment supports the use of commands in direct mode, monitors real-time behavior visualized in graphs, and logs and stores data. All settings can quickly be exported for your own firmware project.

Interface and Connector Boards


Each Trinamic evaluation board needs a Landungsbrücke or Startrampe interface board and Eselsbrücke connector board. You can even combine multiple boards to copy your application's setup, such as motion controller and motor driver boards, or add power stages. Once connected to your computer, the complete Eval Kit setup can easily be tested and tuned using the TMCL-IDE, Trinamic's free and easy to use GUI.

Landungsbrücke yesyesyesyesyesyes
Startrampe yesyesyesyesyesyes

Evaluation Boards


Trinamic's modular evaluation system allows you to quickly discover the chip's powerful feature set. For a simple start, you need the Landungsbrücke interface board and Eselsbrücke connector board. Hook it up to the TMCL-IDE and you're ready to use commands in direct mode, monitor real-time behavior visualized in graphs, and log and store data. All settings can be integrated directly into your own firmware project.

a/b/n incremental
Digital Hall
PWM (internal)
Current Limiter
Single & Dual Motor Option
Direct Phase Control
RMII (EtherCAT®)
Analog Hall
BB-163x yesyesyesyesyes
TMC2041-EVAL yesyes
TMC2100-EVAL yes
TMC2130-EVAL yesyes
TMC2160-EVAL yesyes
TMC2208-EVAL yesyes
TMC2209-EVAL yesyes
TMC2224-EVAL yesyes
TMC2226-EVAL yes
TMC2300-EVAL yesyes
TMC2300-MOTOR-EVAL yesyes
TMC2590-EVAL yesyes
TMC2660-EVAL yesyes
TMC389-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMC429+TMC26x-EVAL yesyes
TMC4361A-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMC457-EVAL yesyes
TMC4671-EVAL yesyes
TMC5031-EVAL yesyesyes
TMC5041-EVAL yesyes
TMC5062-EVAL yes
TMC5072-EVAL yesyesyes
TMC5130-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMC5160-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMC5161-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMC603-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMC6100-EVAL yesyes
TMC6200-EVAL yesyes
TMC7300-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMC8460-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMC8461-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMC8462-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMC8670-EVAL yesyesyesyes
TMCC160-EVAL yesyesyesyesyes
TMCM-1617-BB yesyesyes

Breakout Boards


Besides Evaluation Kits, most Trinamic chips are also available as breakout boards (BOBs). These small PCBs contain everything needed for rapid prototyping and can be used on a breadboard or with flying wires, as all sensitive signals such as sense lines are routed on the BOBs themselves. Moreover, the BOBs are open-source, meaning you can copy the design and tweak it to your own specific needs.

a/b/n incremental
Analog Hall
PWM (internal)
Current Limiter
Single & Dual Motor Option
Direct Phase Control
TMC2041-BOB yesyes
TMC2160-BOB yesyes
TMC2209-BOB yesyes
TMC2226-BOB yesyes
TMC2300-BOB yesyes
TMC2590-BOB40 yesyes
TMC261-BOB yesyes
TMC262-BOB30 yesyes
TMC262-BOB40 yesyes
TMC262-BOB60 yesyes
TMC2660-BOB yesyes
TMC4361A-BOB yesyes
TMC4671+TMC6100-BOB yesyesyesyesyesyes
TMC4671-BOB yesyes
TMC5041-BOB yes
TMC5072-BOB yes
TMC5130A-BOB yes
TMC5160-BOB yesyes
TMC5161-BOB yesyesyes
TMC6200-BOB yesyes
TMC6300-BOB yes
TMC7300-BOB yesyesyesyesyes
TMC8462-BOB-ETH yesyes

Reference Design


Trinamic's open-source reference designs provide validated layouts for specific applications to shorten time to market. Ranging from PCBs for small IoT applications to medical ventilators, they show the possibilities of Trinamic's solutions. All designs are optimized to ensure best results, including heat dissipation, minimized form-factor, and reliable designs. Speed up your development process with these open-source solutions.

Analog Hall
TMC4671+TMC6100-TOSV-REF yesyesyesyes


The SilentStepStick is a stepper driver board for 2-phase motors, based on Trinamic's industry-leading stepper driver ICs. Widely popular in the 3D printing and maker communities, the driver boards are compatible with StepSticks of the same familiar size and drop-in replacements for some of them. Just like the Evaluation boards and BOBs, SilentStepSticks are open-source designs.

passive braking
short detection
Stall detection
TMC SilentStepStick (TMC2100) yes1…256yesyes
TMC SilentStepStick SPI (TMC2130) yesyes1…256yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
TMC2208 SilentStepStick yesyes1…256yesyes
TMC2209 SilentStepStick yesyes1…256yesyesyesyesyesyes
TMC5160 SilentStepStick yesyes1…256yesyesyesyesyesyesyes

Interface Adapters and Lab Tools

Trinamic's interface adapters are the master key to world-leading technology. Whether it's to send Step Direction signals via your PC or for real-time monitoring via RTMI, these adapters give you the access you need. The lab tools allow for even easier testing of your concept and add flexibility to setups using the evaluation boards.

Trinamic's USB-2-485 device is a low-cost interface converter providing a simple-to-use RS485 interface to a PC with USB port. It can be used with any product offering RS485 interface without needing special software.


The USB-2-RTMI adapter converts Real-Time Monitoring Interface (RTMI) to normal USB interface. Ideal for monitoring a TMC4671-product, the interface can be used with other products offering RTMI as well. Connection cables are included for the USB bus-powered interface adapter with basic ESD protection.


Translating TMCL-IDE commands into Step/Direction pulses, this interface adapter allows quick evaluation of Trinamic's Breakout Boards as well as flexible acceleration profiles. The simple but powerful Step/Dir signal generator can be controlled via TMCL protocol and commands, and is fully supported by the TMCL-IDE graphical user interface.


The TMC-Schraubstock is a carrier board for all Trinamic Breakout Boards. It allows for easy testing within your setup as well as a direct connection to an Arduino. For full freedom of use, the unpopulated board comes with different connectors and headers.


TMC-UPS-2A24V-(A)-EVAL / TMC-UPS-10A70V-(A)-EVAL is a universal Power Stage driving up to 2A / 10A of current and is tolerant to supply voltages up to 24V / 70V. It uses half-bridge gate drivers and discrete MOSFETs as well as standard connectors for supply and motor connection. Current measurement is implemented by inline shunt amplifiers.


TMCM-0010-OPC is a simple over-voltage protection module that helps to limit a voltage rail at a configurable maximum level. The voltage is limited by switching a resistive load (brake resistor) connected to the module. The module can be configured via USB using Trinamic’s TMCL-IDE.


The TMCM-0013-xA boards are tools to simplify measurement and visualization of motor phase currents for stepper motors, BLDC motors, or DC motors of 2A, 3A, or 6A. With this little tool, expensive current probes are no longer needed. Simply connect the board to typical laboratory oscilloscopes to read out 2 phase currents of the motor.