3D Printing Solutions

In the life cycle of a technology, there‘s always a gap to be bridged between the initial enthusiasm of hobbyist and the mass market. With cDriver™ microsystems TRINAMIC has developed a family of products which not only bridges this chasm seamlessly, but also ensures easier development for future generations.

From Digital to Physical

3d printer

In recent years, the process of 3-dimensional printing using molten plastic filament (FDM) has developed into an impressive technology, driven mostly by technical enthusiasts. Almost all common architectures are based on stepper motors. Like most new technologies, there now stands a divide between the hobbyists and visionaries and the first users on the “mainstream” market. Small shortcomings, accepted by enthusiast as part of their hobby, become big challenges for product mainstreaming. Trinamic understands and addresses these challenges with reference designs and reference code.

Relieving the Processor

block diagram 3d printer

Print quality depends largely on drive accuracy. By microstepping operation and accurate current regulation, the accuracy of stepper motors can be dramatically improved without making mechanical changes. However, stepper motor accuracy relies on increasingly sophisticated software as computational load increases disproportionately with resolution increase.

Trinamic addresses this challenge with cDriver™ – stepper motor drivers that are integrated with dedicated motion control hardware. These components offload the real-time critical task ramp calculation and step pulse generation from the processor, allowing for smoother motor control, higher resolution, and shorter development times.

Whisper-Quiet Stepper Motors... For Free

Noise is one of the major challenges with 3d printing.

Since printers and desktop devices are often placed on or near the commercial user's desk, stepper motor noise can be disruptive, especially for print-jobs that sometimes last many hours.

Trinamic stepper motor cDriver™ and driver components are shipped with proprietary PWM based current control mode stealthChop™, virtually eliminating the noise generated by fast-current control without compromising on torque.


3d printer pcb TRAMS

TMCM-TRAMS is an application specific reference design addressing the motor and motion control issues associated with FDM printing. It comes with an open source software derived from the popular Marlin project that enabled a simple and fast start to your 3D printing projects.