Microscopy Solutions

Jitter-free positioning

In lab-microscopy, jerky motion leads to higher worker fatigue, increased stress and decrease of concentration. Trinamic's technologies such as micro-stepping or spreadCycle enable electronic drives to be operated with higher precision.

In addition, Trinamic optical encoders can be used in closed-loop mode so that manual and automatic operation can be combined and engine support can be switched off as required. And thanks to Trinamic's sophisticated optical encoder, control can follow the position and can be reconnected without recalibration.


Closed-loop Operation

Ramp generation without feedback is called open-loop operation.
The motion controller calculates acceleration and velocity with no communication to the motor.

In contrast closed-loop operation receives motor status feedback and adjusts acceleration and velocity accordingly.



Microstepping attempts to drive motors with sine/cosine-like current waveform. Regardless of waveform used, as microsteps become smaller, motor operations become smoother, greatly reducing resonance in both the motor and parts to which the motor is connected.

scope xy microstep