Every Drop Counts

Increase automation efficiency and lab productivity with motion control that mimics the most experienced of human hands.

Precision Liquid Handling

When value can be measured in microliters, even the slightest movement carries a very real risk. A machine at the forefront of biotechnology, for example, must handle more microplates faster and more accurately than a team of lifelong technicians ever could. Trinamic solutions for liquid handling have been engineered to copy the very trait that defines the material: fluidity. It's the key to effective laboratory automation, and together with unmatched motion control precision, will keep your equipment and productivity flowing - no matter how small the scale.

Ready-to-Go Components


Accelerate product development and increase your product quality by focusing on what you do best: laboratory analytics. Fluid multi-axis motion control requires expert knowledge, and with Trinamic modules, that knowledge is pre-installed into every component. Our ready-to-go PANdrives and multi-axis modules have been designed to not only simplify the development of new laboratory automation equipment, but to also integrate easily into your existing designs and keep your tried-and-true devices on the cutting-edge of chemical and biological analysis technology.

Liquid-Smooth Acceleration

liquid handling

Eliminate jerk and never spill a drop with the help of S-shaped ramps that make the start and end of acceleration as smooth as the movements of a veteran technician. Trinamic motion technology transforms average 16-microstep stepper motors into precision 256-microstep machines, and more microsteps means your equipment can handle more microplates faster, safer and more reliably.

In Vitro Friendly Operation

Safeguard your in vitro samples against excess thermal energy and reduce your equipment’s energy consumption by integrating motion control components specifically designed for thermostability. Energy-efficient motion solutions such closed-loop and field-oriented control systems as well as our signature coolStep technology minimize motor power dissipation, ensuring that every cell or protein your device handles is treated with the utmost care that it – and your customer – deserves.

Products for Liquid Handling

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