Laboratory Automation

Automation is an indispensable tool that can increase productivity and support manual processes. Imitating experienced human hands requires steady, smooth motion.

Automation can increase productivity and support manual processes, but it’s harder than it looks. Effective automation requires precise and smooth motion control and the ability to closely mimic the movement of experienced human hands.

For example, with an API for standard software tools, analysis systems can interact with automated sample handling.

Whether for prototyping or small and medium sized production runs, Trinamic Modules and PANdrives provide the perfect solution. These Trinamic products require minimum hardware customization and offer standard serial interfaces like RS232 or USB. Switches or status LEDs can be connected via digital or analog IOs. With TMCL it's possible to create stand-alone or remote applications. Our IC products enable fully customized solutions and can be derived from existing module-based applications or started from scratch.