Smart TRVs & Home Automation

Making Life Comfortable With Invisible Helpers


IoT and home automation is booming - the smart thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) market alone is expected to grow by more than 350% from 2019 to 2022. To achieve this, smart TRVs need to blend in seamlessly, turning into invisible helpers that make life more comfortable. With Trinamic's powerful toolkits, smart home and IoT products like radiator valves become smooth, silent, efficient, and practically invisible to the human senses.

The World's Most Advanced Technology for Battery-Powered Devices


Increase the comfort of home automation. Create the perfect climate to sit back and relax with silent IoT devices.


Users want the best device there is. Optimize performance and energy-efficiency with Trinamic to be the market leader.


Bulky designs are a thing of the past. Develop miniaturized applications with clean lines for seamless integration in daily life.

Motor Drivers For Battery-Operated Smart TRVs


Miniaturization and cost reduction have been critical themes behind almost every modern technological revolution. Smart thermostatic radiator valves and home automation are no different. Thanks to Trinamic's tiny TMC2300 stepper motor driver, advanced motion control is now optimized for battery-powered devices. Heat, efficiency, size and noise are no longer issues.



In the past, IoT was mostly viewed as a technological challenge. That's no longer the case. Building your smart thermostatic radiator valve is as easy as 1-2-3 with Trinamic's open-source design. The TMC2300-THERMO-BOB allows you to maximize economic impact, bringing quiet, energy-efficient TRVs with sensorless homing to market in no time, while the TMC2300-EVAL provides quick access to the chip's parameters.


Motion Control for Home Automation

Ecovent smart IoT solution interface
“Our challenge was to optimize our design for low power consumption, low noise and a simplified BOM. Trinamic addressed all three in ways that we did not realize were possible.” William Bubenicek, CEO of ConnectM

Driven by miniaturization, daily life is becoming increasingly automated. Shrinking electronics, however, are just one small piece of the puzzle. As the first company to embed enterprise-grade motion control technology in edge devices like smart thermostatic radiator valves, HVAC systems, automated door locks, cameras, or POS devices, Trinamic helps seamlessly transform digital information into perfect physical motion. Take advantage of increased power, reduced cost, and easy-to-use toolkits that push powerful computing to the most humble edge devices.


2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver • 2.0A • 4.75...29V • Short Detection • CoolStep™ • StallGuard™ • SpreadCycle™ • StealthChop™


Battery-Powered Motor Driver • 1.4A • 2...11V • Low Standby Current • StealthChop™ • CoolStep™ • StallGuard™
TRINAMIC Motion Control - TMC5160-WA


Motor Controller and Driver • 8...60V • SixPoint™ • CoolStep™ • StealthChop™ • StallGuard™ • External MOSFETs

Amplify Your Product With Trinamic Technologies


The higher the microstep resolution, the smoother the motor, greatly reducing resonance and distortion. This increases the motor's precision, often eliminating the need for a gearbox, while eliminating noise.


Ramp Generation

No beer gets spilled! Trinamic's advanced motion controllers support leading-edge S-shaped acceleration profiles for super smooth motion.