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Having a precise and reliable 3D printer is no longer enough.

The 3D Printing Environment Is Changing

In the life cycle of a technology, there‘s always a gap to bridge between the initial enthusiasm of hobbyist and the mass market. 3D printing has reached this crucial point, maturing into a technology that is accessible to consumers.



DIY Printer


Witbox Go!


While early adopters are willing to accept some technological flaws, end-consumers want a perfect product that’s easy to use. The result is an increasing demand for small, dynamic, and energy-efficient 3D printers that have silent motors and can operate for hours on a desk unnoticed. Trinamic has developed a family of products which not only meets these demands but also ensures easier development for future generations.

3D Printer Noise Is Still a Problem

These are just a few of the complaints on the RepRap forum, one of many used by the 3D printing community to discuss 3d printing and to find the best solutions for silent motor control:

3D printers are loud to the point it make them hard to be in the same room with while doing anything productive. Trexation – RepRap Forum
I already managed to reduce the noice by finetuning stepper currents though according to my neighbour it's still to loud. BackEMF – RepRap Forum
I hadn't anticipated that they would be so noisy, is this normal? plankton – RepRap Forum
Every decent sized stepper I've seen always makes noise. cdru – RepRap Forum
When printing at low speeds the whole thing vibrates and makes noise. the_digital_dentist – RepRap Forum

Most drivers controlling motors of 3D printers have a distorted current sine wave, generating an audible “humming” noise. Trinamic’s solutions minimize current fluctuation, resulting in a cleaner and smoother sine wave. Silent 3D printing motors don’t only lead to fewer complaints, they also lead to better 3D printers.

Trinamic - silent 3D printer

Silent Printers

Whether it's at home or at work, people prefer silent motors over noisy ones.
Trinamic - Smooth 3D printer acceleration

Smooth Operation

Current loops close to a perfect sine wave mean smooth motion control and precise positioning.
Trinamic - precise positioning

Sensorless Homing

Get rid of limit switches with sensorless homing, adding extra safety to 3D printers.

Trinamic Has the 3D Printing Solutions for the Future

Trinamic's compact drivers and leading-edge technology enable 3D printers to be silent and small, while at the same time reducing cost of ownership. These, together with the application specific reference design TMCM-TRAMS with open-source software derived from the popular Marlin project, enable a simple and fast start to your 3D printing project.

BQ Witbox Go! with Trinamic Drivers
"Using Trinamic motor drivers in our Witbox Go! 3D printer was a key technical upgrade that helped us reach important project goals. The result is a cleaner and less intrusive product that will change the way 3D printers are perceived in the future." Jon Goitia, 3D Product Technical Director at BQ

Embedded Motion Control Building Blocks

 Overall processing tasks have become heavier and more complex than ever before. The increasingly smaller and more powerful stepper motors of 3D printers require extremely accurate motion control. Trinamic’s building blocks combine several features into a single package. Enriched with peripherals and embedded complex software, they offer the complete plug-in solution.

TMC2100 With SilentStepStick – The Community’s Favorite

Trinamic's TMC2100 IC for 3D printers
"I love seeing the TMC2100 used on 3D printers. It runs smoother, quieter, cooler and more reliable than the alternatives from both Allegro and Texas Instruments." Thomas Sanladerer, 3D printing expert & YouTuber

Improving the Concept

Trinamic’s TMC2100 is renowned in the 3D printing community for its ability to turn 3D printers into silent machines with smooth motor control. Following its success, Trinamic improved the concept by developing the TMC2130, TMC2208, TMC5130 and the TMC5160. The latest addition to the family is the TMC2209, enabling both sensorless homing and silent operation at the same time while offering Step/Dir and UART interfaces.


2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver • 2.0A • 4.75...29V • Short Detection • CoolStep™ • StallGuard™ • SpreadCycle™ • StealthChop™
TRINAMIC Motion Control - TMC5130a-ta


Motor Controller and Driver • 5...46V • StealthChop™ • StallGuard™ • SixPoint™ Ramping • CoolStep™
TRINAMIC Motion Control - TMC5160-WA


Motor Controller and Driver • 8...60V • SixPoint™ • CoolStep™ • StealthChop™ • StallGuard™ • External MOSFETs

These stepper driver ICs also come as SilentStepSticks, small breakout boards that can be plugged in directly to most 3D printer motherboards.

Why Some of Our Customers Choose Trinamic

"Engineer time is a precious resource at Markforged. Trinamic’s integrated drivers allow us to implement high-performance motion systems with a minimum amount of overhead." David Lawrence, Markforged
"The Trinamic TMC2660 is at the core of the advanced features within our 3D printing electronics, we have found it to be in a class of its own in both performance and ease of configuration." Tony Lock, Duet3D
"The TMC5130 allowed us to eliminate the failure-prone mechanical endstops and the noise generated by stepper motors. The result is a cleaner and less intrusive product that will change the way 3D printers are perceived in the future.“ Jon Goitia, BQ
“Using Trinamic’s TMC2208 driver has significantly improved the performance thanks to stealthChop2, and the noise generated by the device has dropped by more than 15dB.” Tomasz Kuc, VSHAPER

Ready for the Best Solution?

Trinamic is the go-to partner for everything that needs to be positioned precisely, enabling new use cases that were previously infeasable. Whenever there's a small motor involved, Trinamic makes it turn.