Partnerships and Organizations

Highly focused on motion control, Trinamic is always looking for ways to enrich the portfolio of products and solutions. Collaborations with other companies and memberships in different organizations for industrial standardization ensure the access to information about the latest technological developments.


CAN in Automation (CiA) is the group of international users and manufacturers for the CAN network. The nonprofit organization was established in 1992 with the goal to provide an unbiased platform for future developments of the CAN protocol and to promote the image of CAN bus technology.

CAN in Automation Logo


EtherCAT Technology Group brings everyone who works with EtherCAT together to improve the technology. Moreover, all members work together to keep EtherCAT stable and interoperable. The result is a single fieldbus technology that’s compatible with most of the industries’ leading technology.

EtherCAT Technology Group Logo


Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) was founded in 2006. The aim is to advance the global understanding and use of motion control and related automation technologies and to help its members and the industry to grow by means of research, educational workshops and networking events.

Motion Control & Motor Association Logo


Microsemi Corporation and Trinamic partnered up to develop scalable, low-power and secure designs and services for EtherCAT and motion control solutions. The result provides IP, software, and design services to target an EtherCAT solution for Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 system-on-chip (SoC) FPGAs.

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NXP Semiconductors provides secure access to a smarter world. Based on their high-performance solutions for mixed signals at the forefront of technology, NXP drives innovation in Automotive, Cyber Security, Industry 4.0 and the IoT. The global organization enables the next step towards data-driven applications.

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RISC-V is a new instruction set architecture (ISA) designed to be scalable for a wide variety of applications. It’s easy to implement and has an open source license. This, together with Microsemi’s products offering RISC-V, makes it interesting for Trinamic to explore new possibilities using RISC-V.

TRINAMIC Motion Control and RISC-V