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Scaling Up Smart Motors

May 13,2019 With the PD86-3-1260 PANdrive™, Trinamic adds more torque to their offering of smart motor solutions, combining precise physical motion and 700Ncm holding torque into a single...
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In the News: Trinamic six-channel stepper-motor controller module for improved performance

Apr 29,2019 Lisa Eitel elaborates on the TMCM-6214, the new six-channel stepper motor controller module for improved performance.

Advanced stepper motor module for six axes control

Apr 15,2019 Supporting SixPoint™ ramping profiles and encoder inputs, the TMCM-6214 is a 6-axes motor controller/driver board for 2-phase stepper motors with up to 1.9A RMS and +24V supply.
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In the News: A Motion Trends report

Apr 02,2019 Today, electric actuators are easier than ever to specify and install. Value-add services from component suppliers as well as application-specific actuator product lines...
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High-Power BLDC/PMSM Gate Driver

Apr 01,2019 The TMC6200 is the new high-voltage gate-driver with in-line motor current sensing for BLDC motors and PMSM servo motors of up to 100A using external MOSFETs.
TRINAMIC Motion Control - PANdrive PD20-1-1210

Smart Motors Made Small

Apr 01,2019 The world’s smallest PANdrive™ smart motor solution by Trinamic includes a NEMA8 stepper motor combined with the TMCM-1210 controller / driver for precise motion.
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Introducing the new TMC5160 SilentStepStick

Mar 25,2019 The SilentStepSticks revolutionized the 3D printing industry, making 3D printers silent. With the more powerful TMC5160 SilentStepStick, makers can easily scale up their printers...
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In the News: Digi-Key Announces Supplier-Driven KiCad Library

Mar 22,2019 Digi-Key Electronics, global distributor of Trinamic components, announces the release of a KiCad library fed by suppliers. The initial rollout contains 45 parts submitted by...

In the News: Five Minutes With... Michael Randt

Mar 21,2019 The space where the electronics meets the mechanics ends up being a place of disconnect. Who owns that domain, the mechanical engineer or the electrical engineer? Good question,...
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In the News: Accelerating Innovation with Embedded Motion Control

Mar 20,2019 Embedded motion controllers reduce multiple cycles of algorithm development, implementation, and testing to setting a few parameters and exporting the code to your own firmware.

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October 2019

  • Motion Control for Battery-Powered Applications
  • Latest Products
  • RISC-V EMEA Roadshow
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June 2019

  • Trinamic Customs
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  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
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  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

August 2018

  • The TMC4671 - Field Oriented Control as System on Chip
  • TRINAMIC MC rides for charity
  • Introducing the new PANdrive product family
  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

May 2018

  • A word about your privacy
  • New EtherCAT slave controllers
  • Increased efforts in Asia
  • The TMCM-1240 and PD42-x-1240
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

February 2018

  • Get your own Trinamic board for FREE!
  • TMC5160: Quiet operation for powerful motors
  • Meet BOB: Introducing breakout boards
  • In the News
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

November 2017

  • Trinamic in the news
  • TMCM-3230: Extending Trinamic's OEM line
  • TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo
  • Trinamic welcomes new Managing Director
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

September 2017

  • TMC2041: Dual-axis stepper motor driver with up to 75% energy savings
  • TMCM-1210: Miniaturized stepper driver module
  • TMCM-1633-CANopen: Extending the TMCL™ servo controller family
  • Blending in with BQ
  • RISC-V membership
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

July 2017

  • Teaming up with the Estonian Mafia: IoT lab in Tallinn
  • Trinamic's expansion to the United States
  • TMC4670: World's most refined FOC servo controller on a chip
  • Trinamic introduces new series of optical encoders
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

December 2016

  • How does perfect control feel?
  • Announcing new stepper motor drivers
  • Meet Trinamic

November 2015

  • How to make a motor turn with Trinamic TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Trinamic enters EtherCAT market with TMC8460
  • Trinamic stepper motor driver IC streamlines ease-of-use
  • Trinamic reveals progress on AutoR heliostat program
  • Trinamic RepRap Arduino Mega Shield
  • Case study about new malaria diagnostic device
  • Meet Trinamic

July 2015

  • Positioning with Trinamic TMCL-IDE and TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Sample program for integrated circuits
  • Low-noise stepper motors open up new fields of application
  • LeichtLast - urban logistics of the future
  • Meet Trinamic

April 2015 

  • TMC2100 - a 'pre-launch' success story in 3D printing!
  • Trinamic hosts EtherCAT Plug Fest in Hamburg
  • Trinamic launches high density servo drive chipset
  • Trinamic module helps combat malaria
  • EEWeb TechLab about TMC5130