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Keeping Our Team and Business Partners Safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers and their production lines safe. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

Highly Efficient Driver for 3-Phase Battery-Powered Motors

Apr 20,2020 Trinamic’s TMC6300 is a highly efficient low-voltage driver for BLDC and PMSM motors up to 2A peak. With zero standby current, it’s optimally suited for battery-operated devices.

In the News: Kleinstes und leichtestes Servocontroller-Modul

Apr 14,2020 In this German article by Markt&Technik, the TMCM-1617 is presented as world's smallest and lightest servocontroller module. Designed for 3-phase BLDC motors with up to 18A RMS and…

World’s Smallest and Lightest Servo Controller Module

Apr 14,2020 The TMCM-1617 is an extremely lightweight, miniaturized single-axis servo drive for 3-phase BLDC motors with up to 18A RMS and +24V supply. Customization and different casing…

Product Training Module: TMC7300

Apr 09,2020 This product training module discusses the features, applications and the set-up of the TMC7300 low voltage DC motor driver.
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In the News: Motor Controller IC Boasts Noise Surpression

Mar 30,2020 Electronic Design went for the TMC2300 as Power Electronics Product of the Week. The small IC can handle output currents up to 1.2A RMS and voltage ranges of 1.8V to 11V, perfect…

Product Training Module: TMC2300

Mar 26,2020 This product training module discusses features, applications and the set-up of the TMC2300 low voltage stepper motor driver.
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In the News: Motors get more connected and more efficient

Mar 25,2020 In their March 2020 issue on motion system trends, Design World describes the new trends in the application of stepper motors as well as PMSM, brushless, and direct-drive motors…
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Low-Cost Ventilators To Fight COVID-19

Mar 25,2020 Designers from all over the world are working to design and build special low-cost ventilators in no time to fight COVID-19. EEWeb reviews some of these projects to try inspiring…

In the News: Irish engineers and doctors join forces in the face of Covid-19

Mar 20,2020 Acknowledging the severe shortage of medical ventilators around the globe to treat patients, Engineers and doctors are joining forces do develop an accessible and essential piece…
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In the News: StepperMotorFeatherWing

Mar 05,2020 generationmake's project StepperMotorFeatherWing allows you to drive two stepper motors with your AdafruitFeather board. Equipped with two TMC5130A-TA ICs, it's designed for use in…

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October 2019

  • Motion Control for Battery-Powered Applications
  • Latest Products
  • RISC-V EMEA Roadshow
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control


June 2019

  • Trinamic Customs
  • Latest Products
  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

August 2018

  • The TMC4671 - Field Oriented Control as System on Chip
  • TRINAMIC MC rides for charity
  • Introducing the new PANdrive product family
  • Nachtlauf Hamburg
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

May 2018

  • A word about your privacy
  • New EtherCAT slave controllers
  • Increased efforts in Asia
  • The TMCM-1240 and PD42-x-1240
  • In the news
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

February 2018

  • Get your own Trinamic board for FREE!
  • TMC5160: Quiet operation for powerful motors
  • Meet BOB: Introducing breakout boards
  • In the News
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

November 2017

  • Trinamic in the news
  • TMCM-3230: Extending Trinamic's OEM line
  • TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo
  • Trinamic welcomes new Managing Director
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

September 2017

  • TMC2041: Dual-axis stepper motor driver with up to 75% energy savings
  • TMCM-1210: Miniaturized stepper driver module
  • TMCM-1633-CANopen: Extending the TMCL™ servo controller family
  • Blending in with BQ
  • RISC-V membership
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

July 2017

  • Teaming up with the Estonian Mafia: IoT lab in Tallinn
  • Trinamic's expansion to the United States
  • TMC4670: World's most refined FOC servo controller on a chip
  • Trinamic introduces new series of optical encoders
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

December 2016

  • How does perfect control feel?
  • Announcing new stepper motor drivers
  • Meet Trinamic

November 2015

  • How to make a motor turn with Trinamic TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Trinamic enters EtherCAT market with TMC8460
  • Trinamic stepper motor driver IC streamlines ease-of-use
  • Trinamic reveals progress on AutoR heliostat program
  • Trinamic RepRap Arduino Mega Shield
  • Case study about new malaria diagnostic device
  • Meet Trinamic

July 2015

  • Positioning with Trinamic TMCL-IDE and TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Sample program for integrated circuits
  • Low-noise stepper motors open up new fields of application
  • LeichtLast - urban logistics of the future
  • Meet Trinamic

April 2015 

  • TMC2100 - a 'pre-launch' success story in 3D printing!
  • Trinamic hosts EtherCAT Plug Fest in Hamburg
  • Trinamic launches high density servo drive chipset
  • Trinamic module helps combat malaria
  • EEWeb TechLab about TMC5130