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Keeping Our Team and Business Partners Safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers and their production lines safe. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

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In the News: Fully integrated servo controller IC from Trinamic aids ventilator design

May 12,2020 In this article, Miles Budimir elaborates how the improved TMC4671 servo controller IC helps engineers designing medical ventilators.

Ultra-Silent Stepper Motor Driver with Step/Direction

May 11,2020 Suited for stepper motors of 5…29V up to 2.8A (peak), the TMC2226 combines world’s best stepper motor driver technology with simple step/dir interface for ease of use.

In the News: Servo controller module with CAN and CANopen

May 08,2020 In the May 2020 edition of the CAN Newsletter Online, Trinamic's TMCM-1617 is presented. This servo controller module with CAN and CANopen simplifies design of highly efficient…

Product Training Module: TMC6300

May 07,2020 This product training module discusses the features, applications and the set-up of the TMC6300 highly efficient low voltage, zero standby current driver for 3-phase BLDC/PMSM…

In the News: Trinamic Offers Fully Integrated Servo Controller IC

May 06,2020 describes the TMC4671-LA, a fully integrated servo controller IC with FOC for BLDC/PMSM, 2-phase stepper motors, DC motors, and voice coils.

In the News: Trinamic’s CEO Talks About Motion Control and New Technology

May 06,2020 During Embedded World 2020, Elektor's Clemens Valens interviewed Trinamic's CEO Michael Randt about Trinamic's motion control technology, new technology, and Michael's own…

In the News: Trinamic improves servo motor controller with fully integrated design

May 06,2020 In this article by Power Electronics News, the improved TMC4671 is discussed and the impact it will have on design cycles.
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In the News: Single-axis servo controller achieves high-current loop frequencies

May 05,2020 In this article by Aimee Kalnoskas, the single-axis servo controller module TMCM-1617 is discussed. Read all about the product that's named as "an ideal choice for medical,…

Trinamic’s Newly Improved TMC4671 Servo Controller IC

May 04,2020 The improved TMC4671-LA follows the TMC4671-ES, incorporating feedback from nearly 2 years of field testing by selected customers. The fully functional servo controller enables a…

News: Trinamic Open Source Ventilator Project

Apr 24,2020 In this video, Michael Randt and Jonathan Hammer present the Trinamic Open-Source Ventilator project. Designed as a platform for Medical Engineers, the TOSV project simplifies…