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Keeping Our Team and Business Partners Safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers and their production lines safe. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

Product Design and Development - December 2017

In the News: The Top 5 Pain Points in Motion Control Design

Dec 19,2017 Trinamic's FAEs identified the top 5 pain points in motion control design. This article by BCN3D and TRINAMIC Motion Control discusses how BCN3D dealt with them.

In the News: Enabling Ultimate Fidelity with Advanced Motion Control: An Engineer's Perspective

Dec 14,2017 Why would you use stepper motors if you want to design a top-of-the-line turntable? Because of Trinamic's smart solutions, that's why.
The Hangprinter 3D printer by Torbjørn Ludvigsen

Building a Hangprinter with the TMC2130 SilentStepStick

Dec 13,2017 This week, Thomas Sanladerer is in Hamburg together with Hangprinter creator Torbjørn Ludvisen to turn Trinamic's lounge into one giant 3D printer!
Thomas Sanladerer - converting to TMC2130

In the News: How to make your 3D printer smart and silent with the TMC2130!

Dec 12,2017 In this video, Thomas Sanladerer shows you how to swap your 3D printer's drivers for the SilentStepStick SPI.
Trinamic's Founder and CEO

In the News: Wie Mittelständler von der Merger-Mania profitieren

Dec 08,2017 Trinamic's CEO Michael Randt explains how smaller companies profit from big companies' mergers. (Article in German)
Trinamic's TMCM-3230 module

TMCM-3230 - Miniaturized OEM stepper motor driver module

Nov 15,2017 The easy to use 3-axes plug-in TMCM-3230 module extends Trinamic’s OEM line.
Motion Design Magazine Cover 10-2018

In the News: Build or Buy

Oct 31,2017 Design engineers can either source motion control components as complete self-contained units or build their own in-house. Each option has its pros and cons.

TMCM-1111 - Trinamic launches cost efficient stepper motor servo controller module

Oct 25,2017 The TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo extends the successful StepRocker™ family by a closed-loop stepper motor servo controller.
Trinamic Company Building Summer

Trinamic welcomes Managing Director Tonio Barlage

Oct 13,2017 TRINAMIC Motion Control expands its management team with Tonio Barlage in order to deal with the current and projected growth.

In the News: Fundamental concepts of motion control and its applications

Oct 11,2017 A primer by TRINAMIC Motion Control on the technologies and techniques used to produce digitally-controlled motion in everything from toys to industrial robots.