World’s most sophisticated FOC Servo Controller on a Chip

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Trinamic’s new FOC Controller Chip helps to minimize the development time of your precise, efficient and reliable servo drives to a minimum.

Hamburg, Germany (07/01/2017)—TRINAMIC Motion Control, the leading global developer of motor and motion control technologies, today releases the world’s most sophisticated embedded servo controller on a Chip. Suitable for 3-Phase BLDC and BLAC motors as well as 2-Phase Stepper motors, it integrates all algorithms for a high-end and fast field oriented control. TMC4670 embodies decades of experience with motor control.

The TMC4670 as the first member of a whole family is a single-axis servo motor controller for industrial automation, embedded servo control and other automated equipment applications. It is suitable for 3-phase BLDC or BLAC and 2-phase stepper motors. The device is designed for an operating voltage of 1.2V, 2.5V and 3.3V. With various position feedback options like a/b/n incremental, digital hall, analog hall and analog sincos encoder and SPI interface, it is prepared for typical Encodes used in robotics and industrial automation as well as embedded motion control systems. Two separate Encoder units can be mapped for commutation and positioning.

With a current control loop and PWM frequency configurable between 25kHz and 200kHz it is suitable for demanding, low inductance motors and highest dynamic positioning tasks. With all the control loops implemented in dedicated hardware, TMC4670 executes the real time critical tasks faster than any software based solution and reduces the development time to a minimum.

The Component and an evaluation board for the modular Landungsbrücke system is available immediately. To accelerate the design process, Trinamic offers complete end-to-end evaluation kits. The development boards are open-source hardware and freely available for use as a reference design.


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