Introducing Trinamic’s Powerful Servo Drive Module

The single-axis servo driver TMCM-1636 is the perfect board for 3-phase BLDC motors and DC motors. Designed for up to 1000W at 24V or 48V, the compact, stacked board comes with various position feedback options as well as customization options.

Hamburg, 13 July 2020 - TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG, now part of Maxim Integrated, announces the TMCM-1636. Developed for bigger drives up to 1000W and 60A RMS, it’s ideally suited for robotics, lab and factory automation, manufacturing, patient handling equipment such as motorized beds and chairs, and industrial drives.

Embedding Trinamic’s TMC4671 and TMC6100 ICs, the new module achieves high-current loop frequencies to minimize current ripple, enabling powerful drives with extremely high dynamics. Communication takes place via the CAN interface with either TMCL or CANopen protocol, with the TMCL version offering memory for up to 1024 commands for standalone operation. This can all be programmed using the easy and intuitive TMCL-IDE, Trinamic’s free programming environment for quick setup and tuning of designs to reduce development time.

Michael Randt, Trinamic’s Founder explains: “Field oriented control, or vector control, has proven itself as the efficient way for driving motors at optimal torque and velocity. And while it used to be a demanding task to implement FOC, more and more engineers use dedicated servo controller ICs like the TMC4671. The TMCM-1636 cuts down development time and cost even further by offering a highly dynamic solution for powerful servo drives with integrated FOC.

Thanks to the dedicated FOC servo controller IC TMC4671 featured on the board, the TMCM-1636 allows for a wide range of feedback systems including two times ABN incremental encoder, analog encoder, digital HALL sensors, and SPI-based or RS422-based absolute encoders depending on the firmware option. The module also supports +5V DC supply for external sensors. Further custom firmware options enable specific absolute encoder types interfacing via SPI or RS422.

The stacked board features an aluminum bottom plate with a total of seven M4 screw terminals for effective cooling. On top, it features one IO and interface connector and one brake control output connector, allowing for compact designs with clean wiring. An integrated overvoltage protection output is added for additional safety to your device.

Available from end of July through Trinamic’s distribution channels, the TMCM-1636 is offered as a 24V and 48V version with either CANopen or TMCL firmware. Different driver stages are available and customization of firmware and hardware is possible.

Features and benefits:

  • Servo drive for BLDC and DC motor, offered for +24V and +48V supply
  • Up to 30A RMS (24V) / 20A RMS (48V) continuous and 60A RMS peak current
  • CAN & UART interface
  • Support for various feedback systems, including 2x incremental encoder, digital HALL sensor, and analog encoder option
  • Absolute SPI & SSI-based encoder support
  • Various GPIOs
  • Motor brake control and overvoltage protection

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