The Cost-Efficient Alternative to Current Measurement Clamps

With the TMCM-0013-xA current sense board for measuring phase currents, Trinamic offers a cost-efficient alternative for testing and tuning setups. Using the standard probe clamps or the SMA-2-BNC connectors, engineers can now find the optimum current for their motors and applications without the need for expensive current clamps.

Hamburg, 07 October 2019 – TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces their latest lab tool for simplifying measurement and visualization of 2 motor phase currents, the TMCM-0013-xA. Suited for small electric motors like stepper motors, BLDC motors, or DC motors, the easy to use boards can simply be connected to typical lab oscilloscopes.

 “Over the past decades, many electronics components dropped in price due to the democratization of technology. This not only introduced more and more applications to mass production, it also stimulated startups and maker movements around the world. With the current sense board TMCM-0013, we want to support these Engineers, both professionals and hobbyists, giving people not only access to plug and play components, but also to the tools needed to test and tune their setups,” explains Michael Randt, CEO of Trinamic

Offered in three versions – 2A, 3A, and 6A – the current sense board replaces expensive current probes. It can be connected to a scope via SMA-2-BNC cables or standard probe clamps and placed in between the motor driver and motor. Two phases are measured using galvanically isolated current transducers, characterized by a high linear range and bandwidth, and the board can be powered via USB-C or a 7V…35V power supply.

While each version of the TMCM-0013-xA has a maximum measurement range of 19.2A, the difference is in the linear range. The motor phase current measurement board TMCM-0013-2A has a 2A linear range, TMCM-0013-3A a 3-ampere linear range, and the TMCM-0013-6A has a 6A linear range.

All boards are suited for both stepper motors, BLDC motors, and DC motors. When measuring the current of BLDC motors, the third phase current can be defined mathematically with the oscilloscope. Besides motor currents, the TMCM-0013-xA is also suited for other current measurements, such as the supply current.

Available from mid-October, the current sense board are perfect for tuning a setup. It’s the cost effective way for developers to measure currents and tune the chopper, to keep an eye on the current, or to calibrate a setup.

Features and Benefits:

  • For measurement of two motor phases
  • Power supply via USB-C or dedicated power supply with 7…35V
  • Linear range of 2A, 3A, or 6A
  • 19.2A max measurement range
  • Connects to an oscilloscope via SMA-2-BNC cables or standard probe clamps


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