High-Power Stepper Gate Driver IC in Small, Robust Package

The TMC2590 is Trinamic’s latest 2-phase stepper motor gate driver. Complete with protection and diagnostics, the EMI-optimized chip with low power dissipation enables miniaturized designs for highly competitive solutions.

Hamburg, 02 September 2019 – TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces the TMC2590, a 2-phase stepper motor gate driver with robust design and high power density. Covering a wide range of stepper motors  with a 5V…60V DC operating voltage, it’s the cost-efficient solution for many applications including textile, factory and lab automation, 3D printing, liquid handling, medical, security, pumps and valves, and POS devices.

 “Stepper gate driver ICs allow for powerful, flexible designs with a high current profile that perfectly matches the motor using external MOSFETs. Forming an on-chip solution, it greatly reduces design complexity and development time by reducing the application’s bill of materials and board space needed,” explains Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic.

With a Step/Dir interface, SPI, and stand-alone operation, the TMC2590 can be used with industry-typical motion controllers generating step signals. To ensure microstepping regardless of the motion controller used, the TMC2590 features MicroPlyer™, Trinamic’s step pulse interpolator for advanced 1/256 microstepping using 1/16 step pules or lower.

Highly integrated and highly efficient, the TMC2590 offers industry-leading technologies including StallGuard2™ for sensorless homing and stall detection, CoolStep™ for load-dependent current control saving up to 75% energy, and SpreadCycle™ for highly dynamic positioning. A full set of diagnostics can be accessed via the interface while integrated protection can be tuned to work with different power stages and load conditions. These include short protection, open-load detection, temperature sensors, and undervoltage detection for improved system reliability.

Easy to implement, the driver comes with extensive support for fast design cycles and even shorter time-to-market. Both the TMC2590, the open-source TMC2590-EVAL, and the TMC2590-BOB40 are available from September.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2-phase stepper motor driver for 1A…8A using external N&P MOSFETs
  • 5V…60V DC operating voltage range
  • Low power dissipation and high temperature tolerance
  • SPI and Step/Dir interfaces
  • Integrated protection and diagnostics features
  • Microstepping, StallGuard2™, CoolStep™, and SpreadCycle™
  • 7x7mm TQFP32-EP package


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