Building a Hangprinter with the TMC2130 SilentStepStick

This week, Thomas Sanladerer is in Hamburg together with Hangprinter creator Torbjørn Ludvisen to turn Trinamic's lounge into one giant 3D printer!

The Hangprinter 3D printer by Torbjørn Ludvigsen

From December 10 - December 15, the lounge at TRINAMIC Motion Control's headquarter is turned into one giant 3D printer. Thinking out of the box, Torbjørn designed a 3D printer that's suspended with fishing line, making a rigid frame redundant.

Using 3 anchor points  for sideways motion, and a 4th anchor point for upwards motion, the Hangprinter can print considerably larger than most 3D printers out there. Be sure to follow the videos on Tom's website and stay tuned for the livestream on Wednesday, December 12, during which Trinamic will answer technical questions regarding the TMC2130.

More information on the build at and also be sure to have a look at the Hangprinter website here.