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Keeping Our Team and Business Partners Safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers and their production lines safe. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

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In the News: Designing an Open Source Ventilator Project

Sep 01,2020 In this blog post by Digi-Key, Scott Raeker dives into the open-source ventilator project TOSV and how it works.
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Jan 28,2020 Stay up to date on the ROCINANTE project and sign up to the special newsletter! Be the first to receive the latest news around the DOCK5 evaluation board and the future product…
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Blog post: Come and get your CAD files here!

Mar 20,2019 Thanks to the handy tool on the product pages, anyone looking to design their next application with Trinamic chips can do so using verified CAD symbols.
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Blog post: How to replace an Allegro A4988 with the TMC2208

Apr 15,2018 Whether you simply want to benchmark diferent stepper driver ICs or if you're looking to replace an A4988 with the TMC2208, this blog post briefly explains how to do so.
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Blog post: Real-time Motor and Motion Control with a Raspberry Pi without a real-time OS

Apr 09,2018 For motion control, it is mandatory to have real-time access for making clean acceleration ramps, position control and closed-loop operation. All of this is possible with motion…
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Blog post: Driving Stepper Motors with the new TMC5160 using Trinamic's API on a Raspberry Pi

Feb 19,2018 This blog post explains how to connect your Raspberry Pi 3 to the TMC5160-BOB using the internal motion controller and +3V3 logic supply for the TMC5160.
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Blog post: Driving a stepper motor via UART with your Arduino Mega using a TMC5072-EVAL

Aug 02,2017 This blog post explains how to connect Trinamic's TMC5072-EVAL via single wire UART to an Arduino Mega for basic operation. The wiring is limited to the basic functionality to…
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Blog post: Driving a stepper motor closed loop with your Arduino Uno using a TMC4361A-EVAL + TMC2130-EVAL

Jun 27,2017 In this blog post, a TMC4361A-EVAL and TMC2130-EVAL are wired up to drive a stepper motor closed loop with an Arduino Uno. The encoder used for this test has a resolution of 10.000…
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Blog post: Driving a stepper motor with Arduino Mega using a TMC5130-EVAL

Apr 05,2017 Just a couple of wires including an SPI port are required to control the TMC5130-EVAL with your Arduino. This blog post explains how to get started in just a few steps.
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Silent Stepper Motors for everyone with stealthChop

Jul 01,2016 Stepper motors have primarily been favored for their high reliability and low cost. The price, however, was a significant amount of noise. And although the days in which stepper…