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Job Posting: Content Marketing Manager

Do you love tinkering with machines, motors, and anything that moves? Are you a semiconductor or electronics geek who also likes to write? If so, Trinamic may be the right place for you.

Trinamic spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technology for silent stepper motors explained

In this video Lars explains Trinamics spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technologies and shows stepper motors running without noise.

Get started with your TMC2130 SilentStepStick

Stephan Watterott published sample how to get started with your TMC2130 SilentStepStick on your Arduino.

How does perfect control feel?

When motor control technology becomes a part of the human body, requirements for component size and the reliability of the control system are immeasurably increased. The completion of the first prosthetic leg with two active joints was made possible in a short time thanks to integrated FOC control system components – just in time for the Cybathlon in Zurich.

Great article on microstepping on Hackaday

Moritz Walter posted a great article on the accuracy of microstepping on hackaday. Would have been curious how our TMC2100 on the silentStepStick would perform in comparison.

New Generation of Stepper Motor Drivers Link Optimized Power Control and Simplified Application

Noise levels at low speeds are eliminated with cutting-edge stealthChop™ technology.

How to get started with Hall Wiring for BLDC and PMSM Motors

Enrico explains and demonstrates how to connect the hall wires of your BLDC motor correctly to Trinamic servo controller boards and how the TMCL-IDE helps you with this.

Silent Stepper Motors for everyone with stealthChop

Stepper motors have primarily been favored for their high reliability and low cost. The price, however, was a significant amount of noise. And although the days in which stepper motors were operated at full & half-step are long over, the stepper motor is still tainted by its noise level. With modern control processes and a careful layout, stepper motors can now operate virtually silently. This opens up new fields of application.

TRINAMIC Targets Servo Motor Ease-of-Design with New motionCookie™ Product Line

New Product Family Integrates MCU, Proven Firmware & Driver in Miniaturized Package for Industrial Automation, Robotics & other Motion Control Applications.

World’s First EtherCAT® Slave Controller IC

TRINAMIC Enters EtherCAT® Market with World’s First Slave Controller IC offering Latency-Free advanced peripherals. Component is First IC in New Interface Device Family.