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In the News: A Gesture Toward Change

A motion is not always just a motion. A motion can also be a gesture — a difference that has triggered a profound change in the architecture of motor control.
Motion Seminar by TRINAMIC Motion Control in Wurzburg, Germany

In the News: Motion Seminar

Join our seminar and learn how to find the optimal motor control step by step. Product specialists will provide an introduction to the technology behind stepper motors and present different current functions.

New TMCL-IDE available

A new version of the TMCL-IDE is now available for download. Additional to a lot of other new features, this is the first time a version for Linux is also available.

In the News: Silent Stepper Drivers. Sigma R17

The change of the stepper motor drivers surely is the most important improvement in the new BCN3D Sigma R17. The impact such a small chip can have on the behavior of the printer is incredible.

Trinamic launches series of optical encoders optimized for stepper motors

2017-07-01, Trinamic Motion Control presents a new family of optical rotary encoders optimized for stepper motor servos. Driven by a general trend towards energy and cost efficient stepper motor servos replacing DC or BLDC drives, which rely on a gearbox to supply sufficient torque at low speed, where stepper motors have their strength.

Trinamic to sign deal with a leading representative company Rathsburg

Hamburg, Germany July 1st, 2017 - Trinamic, leading manufacturer of embedded motion control, and Rathsburg Associates, a leading representative of electronic components in the Upper Midwest area of the United States, have concluded a representative agreement.

New sample order frontend

New sample order frontend on to improve usability

How to drive a stepper motor closed loop with your Arduino Uno

Wiring up a TMC4361A-EVAL + TMC2130-EVAL combination to drive a stepper motor closed-loop with an Arduino Uno. The encoder used for this test has a resolution of 10,000 cpr respective a resolution of 40,000.

In the News: "Door stille motoren geluidsarme eindproducten"

De nieuwe generatie driver chips van Trinamic zorgen voor geruisloze, sinusvormige aansturing van stappenmotoren. De TMC2208-LA en de TMC2224-LA zijn de twee nieuwe driver chips van Trinamic die door de speciale spreadCycle- en stealthChop-technologie voor een geluidsarm eindproduct zorgen. Ideaal voor onder andere (3D-)printers, camera's en scanners. De chips zijn pincompatibel met die van Allegro (TMC2208-LA) en TI (TMC2224-LA).

New IC Packages Descriptions

New descriptions of all our IC packages with PCB footprints uploaded

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