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Life in Estonia - Cover

In the News: Trinamic produces little invisible helpers that we can't do without

Apr 19,2018 Life in Estonia interviewed Michael Randt on his special relationship with Estonia and why Trinamic opened up an office there in 2017.
Electronic Design Logo

In the News: Achieving Ultimate Fidelity with Advanced Motion Control

Apr 03,2018 AVDesignHaus’ Dereneville Modulaire MK III is considered the best turntable in the world. Find out how its advanced motion control system works.
Building Waterloohain 5

Global Growth Through Local Support

Mar 28,2018 TRINAMIC Motion Control employs their first Sales Engineer (China) for local support in China.
Randall Restle from Digi-Key

In the News: Randall Restle discusses the TMCM-1111

Mar 19,2018 In this short video, Randall Restle briefly discusses the TMCM-1111, an open-source module with the efficiency of a servo, at the cost of a stepper motor.
Digi-Key interviews TRINAMIC Motion Control at Embedded World 2018

In the News: Digi-Key interviews Trinamic at Embedded World 2018

Mar 02,2018 In this live itnerview from Embedded World, our Field Application Engineer Thomas Ernst gives an update on the latest in embedded motion control.
Michael Randt (Trinamic) with Roddy urquhart (Codasip)

Trinamic Licenses Codasip's BK3 RISC-V processor

Feb 28,2018 Trinamic licenses Codasip’s Bk3 RISC-V processor for next generation motion control applications

Simplifying PCB Prototyping

Feb 28,2018 Starting today, TRINAMIC Motion Control teams up with AISLER to make rapid, powerful prototyping accessible for everyone. This offering includes a free* TRINAMIC motion control IC...

Go big with the TMC5160 controller/driver IC

Feb 12,2018 Extending the TMC2100, TMC2130, and TMC5130 family to bigger, high-current stepper motors.
embedded world - Get Started with TMC

Register for a free Trinamic board and get started

Feb 09,2018 embedded world 2018 is just around the corner, taking place from 27 Feb. - 01 March in Nuremberg. Be sure to drop by our stand in hall 3, booth 511 to pick up a free Trinamic board...
Tom's 3D - Original Prusa MK3 Review

In the News: Does the Prusa i3 MK3 live up to its reputation?

Feb 09,2018 The Original Prusa MK3 might well be the most impactful 3D printer on the market right now - but is it also the best according to Tom?

Newsletter Archive

Please find our previous newsletters here:

February 2018

  • Get your own Trinamic board for FREE!
  • TMC5160: Quiet operation for powerful motors
  • Meet BOB: Introducing breakout boards
  • In the News
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

November 2017

  • Trinamic in the news
  • TMCM-3230: Extending Trinamic's OEM line
  • TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo
  • Trinamic welcomes new Managing Director
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

September 2017

  • TMC2041: Dual-axis stepper motor driver with up to 75% energy savings
  • TMCM-1210: Miniaturized stepper driver module
  • TMCM-1633-CANopen: Extending the TMCL™ servo controller family
  • Blending in with BQ
  • RISC-V membership
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

July 2017

  • Teaming up with the Estonian Mafia: IoT lab in Tallinn
  • Trinamic's expansion to the United States
  • TMC4670: World's most refined FOC servo controller on a chip
  • Trinamic introduces new series of optical encoders
  • Meet TRINAMIC Motion Control

December 2016

  • How does perfect control feel?
  • Announcing new stepper motor drivers
  • Meet Trinamic

November 2015

  • How to make a motor turn with Trinamic TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Trinamic enters EtherCAT market with TMC8460
  • Trinamic stepper motor driver IC streamlines ease-of-use
  • Trinamic reveals progress on AutoR heliostat program
  • Trinamic RepRap Arduino Mega Shield
  • Case study about new malaria diagnostic device
  • Meet Trinamic

July 2015

  • Positioning with Trinamic TMCL-IDE and TMC5130 EVAL KIT
  • Sample program for integrated circuits
  • Low-noise stepper motors open up new fields of application
  • LeichtLast - urban logistics of the future
  • Meet Trinamic

 April 2015 

  • TMC2100 - a 'pre-launch' success story in 3D printing!
  • Trinamic hosts EtherCAT Plug Fest in Hamburg
  • Trinamic launches high density servo drive chipset
  • Trinamic module helps combat malaria
  • EEWeb TechLab about TMC5130


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