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How to use TRINAMICs IC Software API and Examples

The new Trinamic Technology access package is an API designed to simplify the integration of precise and reliable motion into your design.

Trinamic Technology Access Package Pulished

To start a development several supporting data is needed. PCB design requires schematic symbol and footprints for the layout in the CAE tool format. Software development needs libraries and code examples in a common programming language or as project file for the used IDE.

Mocontronic – Housings for all Trinamic modules and drive

Mocontronic offers systems integration and housing solutions for many Trinamic Modules. In house CAD and prototyping allows for cost efficient individual solutions even at low quantities.

Replacing Legacy drivers with TMC2208

The TMC2208 is an advanced 1-axis stepper driver, which supports stealthChop™ and 256 microsteps. This Application Note shows how to setup the TMC2208 as a replacement of popular legacy drivers.

Presenting the TMC4670 Servo Controller IC on Praxisform Elektrische Antriebstechnik

The TMC4670 is a single-axis servo motor controller for industrial automation, embedded servo control and other automated equipment applications.

Getting started with the TMCL Creator and the TMCM-3212 Module

In this video Joshua introduces the TRINAMIC TMCL Creator and programs the TRINAMIC TMCM-3212 module for 3 Axis stepper motor control. He explains step by step how to code a standalone program for the TMCM-3212 module with the TMCL-IDE.

Getting started with the TMCM-3212

In this video Joshua introduces the TRINAMIC TMCM-3212 module for 3 Axis stepper motor control and explains step by step how to use the TMCM-3212 module with the TMCL-IDE.

In the News: "Trinamic Surfing ‘Automation’ Wave"

MADISON, Wis. – “Automation is a mega trend,” whether applied the factory floor or the smart home, drones, security cameras or 3D printers, Michael Randt, founder and CEO of Trinamic Motion Control, told us recently. Sensors and connectivity – represented in the Internet of Things (IoT) – are key enablers for automation, making it easy for users to remotely collect data and control devices. But what about actuators and motors?
Building Waterloohain 5

Job Posting: Content Marketing Manager

Do you love tinkering with machines, motors, and anything that moves? Are you a semiconductor or electronics geek who also likes to write? If so, Trinamic may be the right place for you.

Trinamic spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technology for silent stepper motors explained

In this video Lars explains Trinamics spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technologies and shows stepper motors running without noise.