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Keeping Our Team and Business Partners Safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers and their production lines safe. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

In the News: Empowering Intelligent Automation & Motion Control

Sep 13,2020 See this Webinar’s real-life examples using intelligent sensors, software-configurable IO, intelligent actuators, and improved diagnostics to learn how artificial intelligence,…
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In the News: Open-source reference board accelerates medical ventilator design

Sep 07,2020 In this article, Paul Heney from Design World describes the TOSV reference board and what it could mean for medical device manufacturers.
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In the News: Designing an Open Source Ventilator Project

Sep 01,2020 In this blog post by Digi-Key, Scott Raeker dives into the open-source ventilator project TOSV and how it works.
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In the News: Trinamic Open Source Ventilator Teardown

Aug 21,2020 In this special Episode Clem does not build a project himself but instead showcases Trinamics Open source Ventilator project. An important effort in the fight against the corona…
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In the News: Open-Source Platform for Smart Ventilators/Respirators Enters COVID Battle

Jul 24,2020 In this review by Electronic Design of Trinamic's open-source hardware/software platform for respirators and other medical equipment, you'll find out about the power system that…

Accelerating Development of Medical Ventilators

Jul 20,2020 With the TMC4671+TMC6100-TOSV-REF, Trinamic introduces an open-source reference design for medical ventilators. Combining the TMC4671 and TMC6100, the compact module is the ideal…

In the News: Motorizing the IoT With Battery-powered Stepper Motors

Jul 14,2020 This article looks at how stepper motors work well in IoT-oriented tasks such as positioning security cameras and remote sensors or actuating air vents, valves, and window covers.

Introducing Trinamic’s Powerful Servo Drive Module

Jul 13,2020 The single-axis servo driver TMCM-1636 is the perfect board for 3-phase BLDC motors and DC motors. Designed for up to 1000W at 24V or 48V, the compact, stacked board comes with…

In the News: Eye on NPI - TMC2226-SA Ultra-Silent Stepper Motor Driver

Jun 18,2020 Adafruit featured the TMC2226-SA stepper motor driver IC in their program 'EYE on NPI'. During their 9 minute video, they explain what they like about it and put it to the test in…

Product Training Module: TMC6100

Jun 08,2020 This product training module discusses the features and applications of the TMC6100 high-power gate driver for PMSM servo and BLDC motors.