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Trinamic Evaluation Kits offer easy access to controlling intelligent drives, delivering the best performance for your application. if you're looking to build a quiet 3D printer, an IoT actuator, a smart robot for a competition between universities, or an efficient drive for an eBike or electric scooter, you've come to the right place. We have the perfect EVAL-KIT for you!

Motion Control in Motion

Get Started with your Free Motion Control EVAL-KIT

Each kit has its own features and benefits. Depending on your project, you can decide to work with a stepper motor or a BLDC motor. Not sure what you need? Ask your Trinamic Ambassador at the university for some quick tips to get started.

TMC5130-EVAL-KIT + Motor

SPI, Step/Dir, UART • 4.75...46V • 1.4A RMS • Microstepping • CoolStep™ • StallGuard2™ • StealthChop™ • Stepper Motor QSH4218-41-10-035

TMC5160-EVAL-KIT + Motor

SPI, Step/Dir, UART • 8...60V • 4.7A RMS • Microstepping • CoolStep™ • StallGuard2™ • StealthChop2™ • Stepper Motor QSH6018-86-90-300 (without encoder)

TMC4671-EVAL-KIT + Motor

SPI, UART • 0...70V • 10A RMS • Closed Loop Control • FOC • Position Mode • Velocity Mode • Dual Encoder • BLDC Motor QBL4208-100-04-025-1024-AT


The SilentStepSticks are stepper motor driver boards for 2-phase stepper motors. Each one based on a Trinamic motor driver chip, they are hardware compatible with other stepsticks and Pololu A4988 stepper motor drivers. Their features and benefits have made them popular drop-in components for 3D printers and CNC machines for a quick and easy upgrade.

SilentStepStick TMC5160

Easy to Program

Writing extensive lines of code is a thing of the past with Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL). All that's needed instead is to set your parameters in Trinamic's intuitive user interface and export them as code snippets for direct integration into your application or store them directly on the product itself for standalone operation. For a quick start, you can download sample codes or watch one of the How-To videos.


Short for Trinamic Motion Control Language - Integrated Development Environment, the TMCL-IDE is Trinamic's free and easy to use tool for developing standalone applications. It allows anyone to translate digital information directly into commands for perfect physical motion.


Together with the TMCL-IDE and your Evaluation Kit, Trinamic's GitHub repository completes your motion control toolkit. It contains additional design resources and application programming interface to make your project as easy as possible.

How-To Videos

A selection of Trinamic videos and blog posts show you how to get started with different products. Did you know you can even use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, a couple of wires, and one of the Evaluation Boards to drive a stepper motor?



All Evaluation Kits and SilentStepSticks are based on proven open-source designs, including the Landungsbrücke interface board. Simply download the files for a quick design-in, and your project will be ready in no-time. The designs reduce testing and prototyping to a minimum, allowing for quick testing with the minimum amount of components needed.

Contact Your Ambassador

Are you ready to kick-start your project and transform digital information into perfect physical motion? Get in touch with the Trinamic Ambassador of your university and get the EVAL-KIT you need. If there is no Trinamic Ambassador at your university and you're interested in becoming one, let us know.


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