Company Karma


You've probably heard about the concept of karma – do good things, and good things come to you. If you want to know more about it, you can always look it up online or watch some episodes of “My name is Earl”. But – if you take it one step further – what about companies?

What happens to companies if they do bad stuff? What happens to entities if they go out of business – and are reborn in their own way? Of course, we all know the ‘Don’t be evil’ code of conduct once written by a famous search engine company, but… what does it mean for a company like TRINAMIC Motion Control?

Karma Knot

We create high-tech products – something that is the definition of evil in the eyes of some people. But we know that our products have the potential to make this world a better place. In fact, we see many exciting applications that help increase safety and security, preserve or create energy, and even detect and cure diseases! Moreover, while doing our job and pushing the boundaries in our specific area, we try to be good, to do the right thing: In case we ever die, we do not want to risk a rebirth as an insurance company!

Hell, no!

So, consequently, we strive to do good things – not only create excellent products, but we also feel the need to be socially responsible. We need to make this world a better place. Below is a list of things we do, where we feel we contribute. Let us know if you have more ideas – we are always open to invest in our Company Karma!


STEM, or the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, fits Trinamic like a glove. But while we have all the equipment you could think of at our disposal, most people don’t. In fact, those who do not work in the field sometimes have difficulties imagining what it would be like to tinker with electronics – whether as a hobby or professionalism.

To stimulate STEM, we participate in the yearly ‘boys and girls day’ where children can experience what is means to be an engineer. And, moreover, to show that it is exactly that – for boys AND girls. The old adagium that engineers should be men unfortunately still resides in most countries – even those countries that have been at the forefront of technology for decades.

Girls and Boys Day 2018 - Trinamic

So, to get rid of this idea - and to support STEM in general - we enable others to tinker as much as they like – whether it’s ‘boys and girls day’, supporting projects with free Trinamic product samples and design support, or publishing how-to’s on our blog and sharing our knowledge in any way possible.


Student Projects


Then there are those who are paving their way to become an engineer. We all know that everybody could use a little help every now and then – and we’re happy to lend a hand wherever we can to increase our Company Karma.

Whether it’s a project you’re working on for your thesis, a competition your university is participating in, or a long-term research program stretching multiple years and teams, you can always reach out and ask for support. Have a look at Trinamic's Student Program to see if there's a Trinamic Ambassador at your university, or reach out to marketing @ if you look for help - either by sponsoring parts or pointing you in the right direction with some valuable insights and design support.

If you’re looking for more consistent support, you can always apply at TRINAMIC Motion Control as a place to work on your project.

Making the world a greener place


Something else that’s close to our hearts is to make the world a greener place. It’s something TRINAMIC Motion Control contributes to on all fronts. Besides providing energy-efficient solutions such as CoolStep™, a load-dependent current control that helps companies save up to 75% energy, we also have a history with renewable energy. The AutoR research project is a good example of this, where Trinamic teamed up with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) to develop technologies that significantly reduce the cost of heliostat fields.

Juelich CSP Test Site

Another way of making the world a greener place is by investing in E-Mobility. Air pollution is an increasing problem all over the world. Of course, this is not a problem that’s easy to solve – or that one company can solve by itself – but every little bit helps. For example, by offering a solution to last-mile delivery in cities. Replacing trucks and other delivery vehicles with e-bikes such as Trinamic’s LeichtLAST cargo-bike not only reduces the carbon emission in cities, it also relieves the traffic flow of those vehicles that tend to block streets and even cycle lanes by stopping at each point of delivery.

Charity events


We have a strong link to two-wheeled transport – bicycles as well as motorcycles. Yes sir, we ride, and we love it!

Unfortunately, not everyone is as passionate about bicycles as we are, which results in car and truck drivers overseeing cyclists. To increase awareness for cyclists and fight for better bicycle lanes, we participate in the critical mass events together with all other bicycle enthusiasts in Hamburg.

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Logo

Finally, there is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Starting out as a small event in Australia, nowadays you can find men and women alike donning up their finest suits and firing up their (classic) motorbikes all around the world. With hundreds of cities and thousands of riders joining in, millions of dollars are raised to try and find a cure to manly diseases – if you can call it that – such as prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

You can find more about TRINAMIC MC's first ride here. of course, you're also more than welcome to make a small donation yourself next year if you feel like you can use a bit of karma as well.


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