RISC-V Workshop

Together with its participating companies, the RISC-V Foundation partners up with KNect365 for a RISC-V workshop in Zurich. Expect speakers hosting 12 or 25 minute presenations on their latest achievements and various poster presentations on what's new. The open and expansive RISC-V ecosystem in Europe will highlight current and prospective RISC-V projects and implementations, influencing the future evolution of the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA).

The new ISA will continue to be available and free to use for years to come. That accessibility is why Trinamic has based its Rocinante product family on RISC-V's reliable architecture. The single-chip solution is the most versatile motor driver ever produced, handling all functions including software calculations and communication. 

Be sure to attend our poster presentation titled: "The Soul of a new SoC: Hands-On Experience With Embedding a RISC-V Core" on Tuesday, June 12, at 14:45 to learn more about the upcoming product family and hang around for discussion afterwards.