RISC-V EMEA Roadshow

The RISC-V Foundation, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, is hosting a series of free, Getting Started with RISC-V events in EMEA in Sept. 2019. During this Roadshow, Trinamic will showcase the Rocinante motor driver with integrated RISC-V core for more degrees of freedom. Due to the highest level of integration seen so far, it reduces latency to the absolute minimum.

Rocinante allows for software-defined products, supporting on-demand changes and evolving device capabilities driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. Without changing the chipset itself, and therefore without needing to change an application's design, the chip can be programmed multiple ways to support those motor and motion control abilities needed for the task at hand.

Be sure to visit one of the events and learn everything there is about the next generation of motor driver SoCs, revolutionizing the way applications are designed.

Tel Aviv, Israel: Sept. 16. Register here.

Munich, Germany: Sept. 18. Register here.

Berlin, Germany: Sept. 19. Register here.

Tallinn, Estonia: Sept. 23. Register here.

Paris, France: Sept. 25. Register here.

London, UK: Sept. 26. Register here.