Motion Control Seminar - BLDC

Not only large motors need to be energy efficient nowadays. Even the smallest of motors - for which large inverters are not an option - need to be efficient as every percentage counts. It could even be the difference between taking an application with you on the plane or not, depending on the battery size.

The chipset TMC4671 + TMC6200 addresses this need,  with the TMC6200 complementing the TMC4671 hardware-based servo controller and providing programmable safety features such as short-circuit detection and overtemperature thresholds. The FOC controller TMC4671 implementing all necessary control loops in battle-tested state machines. off-loading the processor of real time critical tasks as the TMC4671 takes care of control. 

Three in-line sense resistors enable robust current measurement against PWM noise. This makes the TMC6200 ideal for TMC4671- implemented delta-sigma current measurement. This measurement is more effective than a bottom shunt measurement because the shunt measurement must be disabled around shifts and can only be used with SAR ADCs.

With six external MOSFETs and two or three sense resistors, the gate driver complements the entire high voltage portion of a PMSM 12V, 24V or 48V drive system, including programmable gain inline current amplifiers. It can drive a wide range of watt-to-kilowatt motor types, making it ideal for applications such as industrial drives, factory or laboratory automation, CNC machines, textile machines, pumps or other applications with PMSM FOC drives and BLDC motors.