April 24th, 2020

Trinamic Open-Source Ventilator

The global outbreak of COVID-19 pushes healthcare systems around the world to their limits and medical companies are working hard to produce the much-needed medical equipment. Besides supporting all sorts of ventilator projects, we also want to inspire engineers and medical companies with other ways to design a medical ventilator.  That's why we started our own project as well, named TOSV - Trinamic Open-Source Ventilator.

March 12th, 2020

Keeping our team and business partners safe

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are keeping ourselves regularly informed on the situation and continue to keep our employees, our customers, and their production lines safe.

The situation calls for great corporate responsibility at TRINAMIC Motion Control, being a key supplier of critical components used in medical equipment, lab automation, conference cameras, and warehouse automation.

We will continue to monitor advice given by relevant authorities and take all reasonable steps to ensure the continuation of production lines and safeguarding of our employees and customers.

To this end, we will not make any business trips nor will we visit events. Instead, we increase our digital presence via webinars and offer more contact options for remote meetings to maintain service and support.

We appreciate your understanding of this ongoing situation and we are committed to resuming personal contact as quickly as possible. We will keep updating you on the situation and post any significant updates on our website.

February 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Statement

Trinamic is closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus in China and elsewhere.

As no significant part of Trinamic products are manufactured in mainland China, we currently see no delays due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19.

However, shortages of components used on the modules and PANdrive smart motor solutions might affect availability. Therefore, we recommend issueing forecasts in the short-term so that we can assure product availability.