Create The Future of Motion Control With Trinamic

Why is hardware suddenly cool? When you can combine increasingly sophisticated hardware capabilities with advanced software functionality, almost anything becomes possible. At Trinamic, we’ve always been fascinated with physical motion. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming digital information into perfect physical motion.

Robots, drones, 3D printers, motorized skateboards and electric bicycles, medical devices - our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, is filled with applications. Located in the center of the city, close to Sternschanze, it's a true wonderland for engineers. We even have a special 'nuts & bolts' workplace for those who want to experience firsthand how design decisions play out mechanically! 

Founded in 2017, the Estonian office of Trinamic is dedicated to developing hardware solutions based on the proven building blocks – both for development and direct use. Located in the historic center, TRINAMIC OÜ looks out over the rich startup community and ongoing innovation of Tallinn. From day one, the small team has already built up a portfolio spanning from innovative miniature solutions to robust modules for mass production.

Our Chicago office is focussed on driving innovation in America. From the Silicon Valley in the West to the Boston area in the East, our Field Application Engineers support companies all through the country. Working closely together with Distribution Partners and Sales Reps, the US team is always up for a new challenge.

Work is a major part of life, so it has to be fun. But in the end, we keep our deadlines, we work hard. If you share our love for hardware and physical things, Trinamic may be a great place for you.

Dual Study Program

Besides giving professionals the chance to develop themselves, we also support students in their career paths. In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, we offer a dual program for those who want a studying and work experience - combining a university course with practical training and work experience.

Trinamic's Student Program

Whether it’s a project you’re working on for your thesis, a competition your university is participating in, or a long-term research program stretching multiple years and teams, you can always reach out and ask for support. Have a look at Trinamic's Student Program to see if there's a Trinamic Ambassador at your university to get started. Of course, you can always apply at Trinamic as a place to work on your project.


Craftworks the Landungsbrücke Eval Kits


Founder and CEO, transforms digital into physical.


Tinkering with his CNC machine


Makes motors spin... really fast.


Creates the software to move robots


Makes 3D printers work more silent.


Test drives Trinamic's cargo E-Bike