Trinamic’s advanced microsystems transform digital information into physical motion.

    Trinamic Motion Control

    Trinamic is the world's most dedicated company for motion and motor control applications. Motors should work efficiently, smoothly, and quietly. Our products enable today's software engineers to develop and deliver cutting edge solutions reliably and quickly. Our ICs, modules and mechatronic systems offer an easy access to state-of-the-art technology.


    Latest Products

    TMC8460 EtherCAT Slave Controller

    TMC8460 is the first EtherCAT slave controller IC to incorporate PWM and Step/Dir I/O peripherals that doesn't require application processor firmware routing. This eliminates latency, for applications that require real-time response.

    TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver

    The TMC2208-LA and TMC2224-LA are the easiest monolithic stepper motor drivers to implement on the market today for up to 1.2A RMS. Both come with stealthChop™ for noiseless, sinusoidal control of motor phases and are controlled over a step and direction interface.

    PD42-1070 Family

    The PD42-1070 family was developed to simplify device development. The NEMA17 stepper motors are equipped with pre-configured driver boards and controlled via step and direction signals. All drives are preset to stealthChop™ mode with 256 microsteps.

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    Why Trinamic?

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    Trinamic, the global leader in embedded motor and motion control, has become synonymous with precision, reliability, and efficiency. Our expert engineers use their decades of experience in solving real-world problems to deliver cutting-edge ICs and microsystems that connect the digital and physical worlds.

    Latest News

    Whether it's components and systems for 3D printing, IoT, medical technology or electrical automation, upcoming trade shows offer plenty of opportunities to find out about the latest trends in motion control.

    Meet our motor control specialists at the trade shows to see the latest applications and learn about how our products and solutions can meet your specific application needs.