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TMCL IDE - Development Environment

TMCL-IDE-Setup.exe (v3.0.0.0)
(54.17MB 26-Nov-14)


With a very motion control oriented command set like rotate right (ROR), rotate left (ROL), or move to position (MVP) TMCL™ lets you take any Motor connected to a TMCM Module into service within minutes after unboxing while offering a comprehensive command set for all necessary motor control parameters.

TMCL™ is available for all TRINAMIC board level solutions and for PANdrive™

TMCL™ may be used as a script language, that is executed standalone on a module or as a communications protocol optimized for motion control applications with a host PC or PLC. The protocol is available for USB and field buses like RS232, RS485 and CAN.


Graphical visualization of process data and sophisticated parameterization wizards make it easy to tune the settings of your drive for the requirements of your specific application.

From each of the tools identified parameters can be copied to the integrated syntax highlighting TMCL™ Editor and compiled to a script that may be started and observed directly from the IDE or executed in standalone mode on power up of the module or drive.

The Development Environment easily connects over various bus interfaces to multiple TMCL™ devices at a time. Modules can be connected or disconnected during runtime.

TMCL™ Code Samples

A set of TMCL™ Code samples for variours applications and requirements is listed at » Support » TMCL™ Code Samples


TMCL IDE - Development Environment

  File Size Modified
TMCL-IDE-Setup.exe (v3.0.0.0) 54.17MB 26-Nov-14


  File Size Modified
TMCL_reference.pdf 1.35MB 24-Oct-13

Application Notes

  File Size Modified
ASCII_with_TMCM.pdf 169.64kB 17-Oct-13
ModuleReset.pdf 90.38kB 17-Oct-13 2.21kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagram.c 2.29kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagramWindows.c 5.03kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagramWindows.h 747B 17-Oct-13 617.21kB 17-Oct-13 59.99kB 17-Oct-13

Legacy IDE

  File Size Modified 1.03MB 06-Nov-14
TMCL.exe (v2.1.7.0) 2.8MB 06-Nov-14