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TMCL.exe (v2.1.4.0)
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The TMCL-IDE is dedicated designed for motion control. Together with TRINAMICs Motion Control Language TMCL, the IDE provides a powerful toolset to design motion control scripts to be executed standalone on a Trinamic Board Level Solution, a motionCookie™ or a PANdrive™. Besides the built in editor with comfortable syntax highlighting the TMCL-IDE provides a set of debug and parameterization tools and wizzards to achieve shortest time to market.

Programms can be assembled and downloaded to the motion controller directly from the IDE via various interfaces, as CAN, RS485, RS232, IIC.

The TMCL-IDE is downloadable free of charge.


Application Notes

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ASCII_with_TMCM.pdf 169.64kB 17-Oct-13
ModuleReset.pdf 90.38kB 17-Oct-13 2.21kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagram.c 2.29kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagramWindows.c 5.03kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLDatagramWindows.h 747B 17-Oct-13 617.21kB 17-Oct-13 59.99kB 17-Oct-13

TMCL Code Samples

A set of TMCL Code samples for variours applications and requirements is listed at » Support » TMCL Code Samples


  File Size Modified 1.02MB 10-Jun-14
TMCL.exe (v2.1.4.0) 2.79MB 10-Jun-14


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TMCL-IDE_ShortSpec.pdf 280.43kB 24-Oct-13
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