PD-110-42 is not recommended for new designes. For new design please refer to PD-1141 family. For existing designs PD-110-42 will be further available.



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Product Details


The PD-110-42 is a full mechatronic solution including a 42mm flange motor (NEMA17). It joins a convenient controller electronic with a range of different motor torques. The PD-110-42 offers three motor torque options and can be controlled via RS232, RS485, CAN or IIC interface. The power supply, interface and the multi purpose I/Os can be connected with small JST connectors. The PD-110-42 comes with the PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE for the Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL™). Using predefined TMCL™ high level commands like "move to position" or "constant rotation" a rapid and fast development of motion control applications is guaranteed. Communication traffic is kept very low since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed on board. The TMCL™ program can be stored in the on board EEPROM for stand-alone operation. The firmware of the module can be updated via the serial interface. With the stallGuard™ feature it is possible to detect motor overload or motor stall.




Product State: nrnd nrnd nrnd
Holding Torque: 270mNm 350mNm 400mNm
Flange Metric: 42mm 42mm 42mm
Flange NEMA: 17 17 17
Interfaces: CAN, IIC, RS232, RS485, TMCL CAN, IIC, RS232, RS485, TMCL CAN, IIC, RS232, RS485, TMCL
Supported Motor Type: Stepper Stepper Stepper
Microstep Resolution: 1...64 1...64 1...64
Velocity Ramps: trapezoidal trapezoidal trapezoidal
Motor Supply: 7...34V 7...34V 3...34V
Length: 35mm 41mm 47mm
Width: 42mm 42mm 42mm
Height: 42mm 42mm 42mm



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