Smart Solutions for Motion Control

QMot Motors are perfectly matched to TRINAMIC Board level and IC soulutions with regards to current ratings and electrical parameters.

QMot Motors

3-Phase BLDC Motors

Flange Metric Torque Rated Speed (rpm) Phase Current, RMS
QBL4208-41-04-006 42mm 62.5mNm 4k 5.4A(1)
QBL4208-61-04-013 42mm 125mNm 4k 10.6A(2)
QBL4208-81-04-019 42mm 185mNm 4k 15.5A(3)
QBL4208-100-04-025 42mm 250mNm 4k 20A(4)
QBL5704-94-04-032 57mm 320mNm 4k 11.7A(5)
QBL5704-116-04-042 57mm 420mNm 4k 14.5A(6)
5.4A peak
10.6A peak
20A peak
16.5A peak
20.5A peak