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With no programming required for a quick and easy out-of-the-box experience, and full parameterization options including a high volume production programmer, the TMCM-1043 is a smart and customizable solution for embedded motion control and mechatronics.

The TMCM-1043 incorporates the TMC2660, TRINAMIC’s latest stepper motor driver IC, which integrates power MOSFETS with the industry’s lowest RDS(on) specification, resulting in minimal power dissipation. The PCB also integrates all required protection circuitry and interface hardware into a compact and robust assembly. The TMCM-1043 is pulse controlled for 16 microsteps per fullstep. TRINAMIC’s patented proprietary interpolation processor interpolates these steps to a resolution of 256 microsteps per fullstep, allowing for a smooth and noiseless movement.

Starter Kit

With its optional programming kit, the TMCM-1043 becomes a fully customizable smart driver stage allowing for adaption to a broad range of embedded motion control and mechatronics requirements.

The desktop programmer kit comes with an intuitive GUI for evaluation and ideal parameter selection, a programmer and breakout cable, motor and power supply for a quick and easy start.

intuitive GUI

The new intuitive kit is custom designed for use with Trinamic’s highly integrated and fully proven TMCM-1043 electronic assembly, which is developed for direct mounting on a NEMA 17 motor. Pre-programmed and pre-configured with all operating parameters to support standard 1.5A (peak) motors, the TMCM-1043 board uses Trinamic´s single-axis TMC2660 stepper motor driver IC, which integrates a motor pre-driver and power MOSFETs. Controlled by industry standard step/direction pulses, the TMCM-1043 module automatically performs all motor coil current calculations, while driving an external NEMA 17 motor with the industry’s lowest RDS(on) MOSFETs, resulting in minimal power dissipation.

The TMCM-1043-KIT- is a turnkey solution with intuitive PC control software, programming adaptor, power supply and three TMCM-1043 modules and a NEMA 17 frame test motor.



Product State: active active
Interfaces: Step / Direction Step / Direction, USB
Phase Current, peak: 1.6A 1.6A
Phase Current, RMS: 1.1A(1) 1.1A(2)
No. Axes: 1 3
Supported Motor Type: Stepper Stepper
short to GND detection
Motor Supply: 9...28V 9...28V
Width: 37mm
Height: 37mm
fixed value, not changeable
fixed value, not changeable



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